Paid vs. Free VPNs


How to Get a Free VPN for Your PC?


Getting a free VPN on your PC is easy; just download Urban VPN for PC or Mac—100% free, has unlimited users, and has more than 500 VPN servers. Click here to download Urban VPN.

If you want more freedom in your internet browsing, it is worthwhile to get a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is a go-between when you want to access certain websites and browse the web anonymously. A VPN helps you get past geo-restrictions and adds an extra layer of security.

Paid vs. Free VPNs

There are many VPNs available, and you may have noticed discussions about whether a paid or free VPN provides more advantages. Ideally, a free VPN should have all of the paid VPN features–reliable security and masking of your IP address, ability to unblock sites, and easy installation and connection.

The reality is that, although a free VPN server can save you money, not all are created equal. Some users have the mentality that you get what you pay for, whereas this may not be entirely true with VPNs. The fact is there some unlimited free VPNs that are as good as paid ones, but it is important to be selective and vigilant against rip-offs.

The reason many people prefer paid VPNs is that they have a feeling of security knowing that the company is making money from payments for a service rather than getting it by other means, such as selling customer data, cutting back on essential features like internet connection, and security or creating intrusive ads that interfere with user experience.

Researching how to get a free VPN from a reliable company will prevent problems from cropping up, such as compromised security and privacy. Reading reviews and information about various VPNs will help you select the right one for your PC.

When looking for a free VPN, consider the following

  • Data Limits

You don’t want to download a free VPN only to find that it severely limits your data. Know how much data you use daily and check it with the data limits of your free VPN before downloading and installing it on your PC

  • Read the Fine Print

Many people get a VPN to enhance security, but there isn’t much point to this if the VPN is profiting from your data. Read the policies on privacy and customer data carefully, so you know what the company is up to.

  • Good Speed

You don’t want a VPN that is going to slow down your computer. Some users prefer to pay a little bit of money to ensure full internet speed, but you can find a free VPN with enough speed if you are willing to do some research.

  • Open VPN

Open VPN is the combination of a VPN protocol and software that creates a secure tunnel between the client and the server and is valued for its heightened security features. OpenVPN uses secure transport layer protocols (UDP or TCP) to transmit data. Another benefit to OpenVPN is its 256-bit Open SSL encryption, making your data undecipherable to a third party. It also simplifies authentication and login procedures. OpenVPN provides many advantages to certain types of free VPNs, such as Urban VPN, as can be found in similar paid services.

How to Download and Install your VPN

How to Download and Install your VPN

After researching and deciding on the best VPN for your computer, read the features, policies, and instructions carefully. Make sure that the VPN you select is compatible with your version of Windows. Also, check that you download the free VPN from the actual site and not a knock-off site that can trick you into downloading a fake VPN that contains malware.

Once you have checked that the item and the site are legitimate, you are ready to download. This should take a few seconds to several minutes. When the free VPN is downloaded, install it according to the directions.

If you have installed the Urban VPN, right-click the Urban VPN taskbar icon. Select the geography you want. Consider what content you want to access and select the country where that content is available. It is easy to change the country according to what restrictions you want to bypass. Simply select another country from the menu or type on in. Urban free VPN, for instance, offers a choice of 80+ countries.

Paid Quality, Free Service

Finding a free VPN for your PC that works to protect your data and unblock sites as a paid service is not difficult if you know where to look. Compare free VPNs to determine which are similar to paid services and offer the most benefits. There is no need to purchase a VPN when there are free VPNs that can provide as much security, unblocking ability, internet speed, and data allowances as paid VPNs.

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