You can enjoy an incredibly fast, secure and private connection from as many devices as you would like, just like that

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Using Proxy from Unlimited Devices: Why limit your freedom?

With Urban VPN, you can use an unlimited number of devices. Without any limits on their type, location, or software they are running. You can enjoy an incredibly fast, secure, and private connection from as many devices as you would like, just like that.


Most companies limit the number of devices you can use

There are no other VPN providers who allow an unlimited number of devices being connected at the same time. If you are lucky, you will get between two and five devices for your subscription. How frustrating would it feel to have to purchase yet another subscription for your other devices?

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Enjoy your content and connection anywhere, all the time

With Urban VPN, you can keep all of your devices online, connected, and streaming All of the time. There are no limits. Do you want to keep watching that Netflix series on your spare tablet? No problem. How about having an old iPhone that was sitting there in your drawer, playing Spotify? You've got it.

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Mix different devices and platforms

With Urban VPN, you can connect almost any type of device running any application, keeping it all safe, private and secure. We provide you the solutions for any device and platform you are using. With a combination of our secure and super-fast desktop apps, our lightweight mobile apps, and our so easy to use browser extensions - we have got you completely covered.

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Keep your home and business secure

You care about the privacy and security of your family and your business. Everyone does. Just as you lock both your front door and your backyard door, it's crucial to secure all of your devices. Every unsecured device is an opening for your privacy and data to being compromised.

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Stop wasting your time and money

Configuring additional devices is so easy. Just download the app or use the browser extension and that's it. Stop hustling with additional configurations, installing router-specific VPN software, or worrying about devices being disconnected due to reaching the number of allowed devices on your subscription.

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Safe and secure connectivity from all of your devices

Stop having to choose which of your devices is safe and secure. Protect All of your devices with one subscription. With Urban VPN, you can securely connect to the internet with as many devices as you like. Why give up your privacy or your freedom of choice just because of a device limitation of your VPN subscription?

Stop choosing which of your devices you would like to be secure and start being connected to the world with the security, speed and privacy you deserve. Anywhere, anytime.

Protect Your Privacy
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Download Urban VPN to enjoy complete online security and privacy while hiding IP address.

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