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Urban VPN: Server Locations

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Why does the server location matter?

The Internet is almost instantaneous and seems magically fast. Though in fact, the data you are consuming when surfing Twitter or watching a Netflix series is getting slower the further away you are from the server sending it. This is caused by two main factors. The first is the fact that data runs on physical wires and cannot run faster than a certain speed. The second and more important one is that distant locations tend to have less high-speed data wires connected to them, and your data needs to travel through more stops on the way. This is just like a package in your postal service - sending something to a distant location entails having more delivery centers that collect the packages in that area and send them in smaller trucks through roads that aren’t always as good as the main highways that are connecting the big cities.

Internet software companies are always trying to give their users the best and fastest experience they can. So for example, Spotify will have very fast servers in major cities or close to them.

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Don’t settle for less than front row tickets

When buying a ticket to your local cinema or theatre, you would always choose the closest and best tickets possible. Why compromise on your tickets to the online services you are using on a daily basis?

Slow VPN vs. fast VPN

Imagine using a VPN to listen to Spotify. You have found the precise music you want to hear, relax and put on your headphones. Then you realize that all the music you are listening to is starting to throttle and each song stops so many times. How frustrating would that be? Having a slow VPN that is based on a server in a bad location is just like going back in time to the 90s and realizing once again how much a fast internet connection is important. This is why one of our main tasks is to make you feel that you are free to connect to the internet from anywhere you would like in the world.

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