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ISPs don’t always operate in full transparency, and are in fact likely to reduce your bandwidth in certain circumstances!

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Imagine yourself getting ready for a fun evening of watching your favorite TV shows, a good movie, or an important sports match.

You have prepared some popcorn, poured some potato chips into a bowl and have done your best to make an amazing Guacamole. Your friends arrive and the lights are dimmed. You open the TV or computer just to realize that there is an annoying buffering time to wait before the show or movie begins. You get a bit worried and find to your dismay that the whole evening is going to be a frustrating 5-minutes-watch, 5-minutes-loading-time. Why is this? Your internet speed is always so fast. Many times, these problems are caused by ISP throttling.

What is an ISP?

ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the company you pay to get your internet.They transfer requests from your computers, TVs and mobile devices and send data back from the apps or websites you use.

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What is ISP throttling?

ISP throttling is in fact a policy most of the ISPs use in order to divide the bandwidth between all of their customers. The way they do it is by analyzing your traffic, and for certain types of traffic, they might put a cap on the amount of data per second you receive. Some of the services you use are less likely to be affected by throttling (Spotify for instance), but if you use Torrent downloads or other P2P connections, stream video in 4K during rush hours or use any other ‘heavy load’ app, the chances you are being throttled are high.

Why do ISPs slow their user’s connection?

Long story short, ISPs buy their traffic from other suppliers, and in fact, there is a physical limitation of how much data can be transferred on each wire. And the cable that connects you to the internet is shared by many other customers.

Therefore, an ISP knows that during rush hours they cannot transfer data fast enough to all of their customers and start throttling some of them. They decide which services are more crucial than others, and even if you are paying for an unlimited package in a specific speed, you will be throttled down and just will not get what you are paying for.

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How can I avoid ISP throttling using Urban VPN?

Your best way to avoid ISP throttling is using a Good VPN service. When connecting to a good VPN service such as Urban VPN, your data is encrypted. All of it. This means that when your ISP tries to analyze your data, all they see is an unclear pattern of letters and numbers. This way they do not know what services you are using and will not throttle your usage. The best part is that Urban VPN is free. Instead of being frustrated about the connection being so slow, give it a try. You will be surprised by how fast your internet can be.

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