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Urban VPN: Free Gaming VPN

Why should I use Urban-VPN for gaming?

The advantages of Urban-VPN for gaming are exceptional. Urban-VPN’s fast servers lowers latency between a player and the server client (ping); gamers can be the first to play certain games by downloading from countries with earlier launch dates; individuals can keep their data and save files safe behind an encrypted gaming private network. In addition, Urban VPN allows playing multiplayer games in every region - it can connect to servers around the world to play with your friends, even if a title (such as PUBG or Fortnite) requires an IP address from a specific country to play. And if someone you played with is a sour looser and wants to take revenge by hacking your digital assets - you know a VPN app will prevent that from happening!

Why should I use Urban-VPN for gaming?

No-lag VPN

None of the household applications for the internet is more sensitive to lagging than gaming. When your (virtual) life is on the line, sometimes even a few milliseconds make the difference between victory and defeat. Gamers aspire to use a connection that delivers a ping of up to 60 milliseconds, and in Esports competitions the rate is often reduced to less than 40. So how can you keep your ping minimal while still adding a layer of security? UrbanVPN of course! Through our unique array of broadband IPs and load-balancing servers, UrbanVPN delivers ultimate security without any impact on your connection speed - an exclusive feature in the world of free VPNs.

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