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Nowadays anyone has a secure broadband connection and complete access to any site or app they want. Or maybe not?

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The internet has evolved and progressed so much since it was invented, somewhere in 90s.

Today any person in the world has a high speed, secure, and unlimited access to any website and service of his choice. Or maybe not? Even these days, with the world being so open and unified, you might find yourself blocked from many internet services and websites.

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Why am I blocked from surfing websites?

There are many reasons for sites to block users from regions that are out of their official service region. Some of them are purely financial-based: a person out of certain regions is a bad target for ads and other services the website might offer. Among other reasons are local authorities or companies blocking users from accessing websites due to regulations, rules, and other limitations. Some good examples are offices that block their employees from surfing social networks and entertainment websites, ISPs that block users from websites they suspect are inappropriate, and governments that block their citizens from surfing uncensored websites.

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How can I unblock any website?

With Urban VPN you can easily access any website or web service of your choice, in a click of a button. When using Urban VPN, you are surfing from another location in the world, while your company, ISP and government aren’t able to track and monitor your traffic. This means that any website or web service you are using will see you as surfing from a different country or region and allow you to use their services. In addition, when using Urban VPN, your traffic is encrypted. This means that any data that is sent from your computer to any website or web service hidden from your company, ISP or government.

Use a VPN to unblock over 25 popular web services:

  • VK
  • XBOX
  • HULU
  • SKY GO
  • HBO
  • DAZN
  • VUDU
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Travel the world from your sofa

Using a VPN is like having an instant teleport device, without even needing a passport. It is so easy - just click and surf the web from any country of your choice. Urban VPN has more than 80 servers, located in every major city in the world. So even if you are trying to reach some specific website that is open for use from very specific countries - We’ve got you covered.

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Stop paying for unblocking websites

Most VPN services aren’t free and are usually limited to the bandwidth and number of devices you can use. Urban VPN is completely free, unlimited and can be used on any number of devices. So, start getting used to surfing any website as much as you want, when you want and of course, completely for free!

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Protect Your Privacy
with Urban VPN

Download Urban VPN to enjoy complete online security and privacy while hiding IP address.

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