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Block Out the Noise: Stop All Ads with Urban Adblocker. The best 100% free & reliable Adblock solution in the world


Say goodbye to those annoying ads that disrupt your online experience.


Easy to Get

It takes just a couple of clicks to download our plug-in and integrate it into your favorite browser.


Works With Everything

Urban Adblocker is compatible with all the major browsers, including Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


100% Free

You don’t have to spend one single penny to use Urban Adblocker, as it’s completely free for you to install and use it.


No Distractions

Browsing the internet today can be a frustrating experience due to the thousands of ads that pop up on every page you visit. With Urban Adblocker, you can say goodbye to all those distractions right now.


Safety First

A lot of the ads and pop ups you encounter online can be malicious. Stay safe by blocking all ads altogether.


Super Fast

Urban Adblocker enhances your browsing experience without disrupting the speed of your connection.

Easy to download and install, Urban Adblocker is the free adblock solution that helps you block out the noise while you’re browsing any website. Avoid all distractions and malicious ads and dive into a clean and pleasant browsing experience.

Urban VPN'rs Say

“Since I downloaded Urban Adblocker, working on my laptop has been a totally different experience. I can finally surf the internet without worrying about weird ads popping up here and there all the time.”

Nikki S.

“I’ve tried several different adblockers, but Urban Adblocker is the best I’ve used so far. It works really well.”

Brian T.

“I was already using Urban VPN, but now I have also downloaded their Adblocker and I’m so happy with it. Works well and it was also easy to install.”

Piotre L.

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Download Urban VPN to enjoy complete online security and privacy while hiding IP address.

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