You can enjoy a fast, secure connection without any third party knowing your true identuty or being able to trace back to you.

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How would it feel like to know that your online actions are private, secure and safe from prying eyes?

We all have the little thoughts, when using online apps and giving out our information, that someone might profit a lot from our data. And indeed, someone is. We are being tracked, spied on and monitored on a daily basis, and we are getting used to it. This is not the way it should be. With Urban VPN you can stop being a monetization target for huge cooperations, make it hard for hackers to steal your credit details and prevent governments and other organization from tracking on every step you make.

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Who is spying on me?

The short answer is everyone who manages to do it. We can split this into three categories:


Organizations and governments

Governments and other organizations love to keep things under control from a financial, demographic and social aspects. We might not yet be in 1984 but we are getting closer to there every day.


Companies that are trying to monetize our actions

Companies love to have your data. It might be in order to show you better ads, to keep your children scrolling on a news or game feed or to sell you a hotel in a slightly higher price, because you are from a higher income region or have just bought a flight ticket to Paris.


Malicious hackers and organizations

Unfortunately, there are many malicious parties in this world who would steal your car if they could, and since it’s out there, why not to steal your credit card details and email password?

Your ISP is looking for your data

They would always like to know what their customers are doing, to monitor your usage, limit your bandwidth when possible and fine you for certain downloads or other actions.

are private, secure and safe from prying eyes?

When surfing through VPN, your data is being encrypted and sent in a format that is unreadable to other eyes on the way. The encryption is done with a special key that is installed on the VPN server and on your VPN client. Once you install and activate it (Which is about 3 clicks), you can feel safe and secure, that your data is yours only.

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Don’t risk your business data

Using a VPN is essential for every business who might have competitors or hackers who are trying to steal your data and cause losses. Concentrate on the things that are essential for your growth and success and let us keep you safe.

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Keep your family safe

When you think about the amount of data your family members share online, whether it is via forums, shopping sites and online game services, you might start to feel this feeling inside of wanting to protect the information of your loved ones. Urban VPN is free to use on unlimited devices, so you can make sure that all of your family is being protected and safe.

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