Using public WiFi? This information is for You!

If you are like everyone else, then you probably use public Wi-Fi hotspots quite frequently. Whether you’re at your local coffee shop, school library, or workplace, chances are you are connected to public Wi-Fi. Public hotspots, although common, cannot always be trusted. Many public connections are not secure and can cause you to become vulnerable to hackers, advertisers and government surveillance agencies who can all view personal and important information on your devices and use it for their respective purposes.

This information can range anywhere from passwords, email accounts and personal correspondence up to online banking information and sensitive images. When using public networks, the threat of your information being un-secure is astronomical. However, this breach of information does not only occur on public Wi-Fi networks. When you use the internet from home, you also run a risk of the government and large companies accessing your browser history, and online information. That pop-up ad you saw for a website you visited three days ago was no coincidence…

What is the best solution to keep my online information and browser history private?

Well, Hotspot Shield allows you to stop worrying about data loss or identity theft and will ensure that you are safe online no matter if you’re in a public place or your own home. Hotspot Shield can:


Encrypt your online data even through non-secured hotspots


Hide your IP address & online identity from any 3rd party


Add another security layer to existing, secured connections


Maintain uninterrupted speed and bandwidth performance


Access information that is blocked or not available in your country

It basically keeps you from leaving online footprints for any snoopers to track, and it’s an absolute must, especially for those who frequently are on public networks.

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