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Why do I need Urban-VPN when I travel abroad?

Having Urban-VPN on your devices can completely revolutionize your travel experience. Urban-VPN can ensure you have a safe and secure connection to the internet while abroad. There is nothing better than going on vacation, but many travellers are caught off-guard when they realize that the country they’re visiting has incredibly strict censorship laws.

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Popular tourist destinations, such as Vietnam, China, Russia and many more, have extremely strict governmental restrictions put in place to block and restrict many popular websites commonly used in other countries. This censorship includes individual URLs, specific domains, and entire IP addresses.

Having Urban-VPN on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device can ensure you will be able to access your favourite websites, social media platforms, email accounts, apps, etc. without being geographically restricted on your next trip abroad.

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Download Urban VPN to enjoy complete online security and privacy while hiding IP address.

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