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Surf the internet in total freedom without the fear of being blocked or detected with our Kyrgyzstan VPN. Urban VPN has servers across the globe, guaranteeing you a lightning-fast connection and thousands of IPs to choose from, so that you will be able to easily mind your business anonymously and safely while in Kyrgyzstan.

How our Kyrgyzstan VPN secures your internet freedom & privacy

The Kyrgyz Republic has known its share of political turmoil since its separation from the Soviet Union in 1991. Despite civil unrest, Kyrgyzstan has become a major player in regional economics and a popular tourist destination, attraction more than 3 million visitors in 2018.

Internet connectivity is fairly new to the country and is still pretty much centered in urban areas. Nevertheless, internet penetration continues to rise, mainly due to the introduction of unlimited data plans and the development of internet services in the last decade. The country's main telecommunications company, Kyrgyz Telecom, is owned by the government and has a market share of over half the population.

The internet in Kyrgyzstan has remained relatively free, with less governmental intrusions since the overthrow of President Kurmanbek Bakiev and his authoritarian regime in 2010. However, after noticing increased online activity, the government took interest in the Internet's influence on domestic politics. Consequently, laws and regulations were set to increase state control over the telecommunications sector.

The government listed “efforts against extremism” and incitement as justifications to the intensified control and censorship on online content. Kyrgyzstan has recently required all internet service providers to have their customers install a system for operational investigative activities (SORM) onto their devices, thus facilitating government surveillance. This intrusive action has made it impossible for internet users in the country to protect their data and maintain their anonymity online.

Urban VPN abides by a complete no-logging policy, allowing you to access all websites, social media platforms, and apps with no restrictions and without tracing your activity. Urban VPN encrypts your connection and allows you to replace your IP address with an IP address from the geolocation of your choice, so you can securely browse the internet without any concern that the government, your internet service provider, or any prying third party can monitor your online activities.

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