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Why should I use Urban-VPN for watching live sports?

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Sure, the usual security factor a VPN provides its users is relevant for sports streamers, especially those who use the many dubious free streaming sites which are more likely to hide some sort of malicious manipulation. But for sports fans, a reliable VPN service might be the difference between watching & missing a live match altogether. Imagine American tourists on vacation abroad in June, eager to follow the NBA finals back home from their hotel room. Or an Indian ex-pat in Europe, who can’t imagine missing an entire season of live IPL action.

People under these circumstances will often find that the streaming service they counted on for live sports in their respective origin locations will not accept users from their new locations. This is where a free VPN is your best friend! Switch your current IP to one from your original region and everything is back to normal. Watch live sports from every soccer competition in the world, as well as the NBA, IPL, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, MMA, F1, MotoGP, etc., from any place in the world!

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