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Mask your IP address and select a new IP from a huge pool of international locations to enjoy unrestricted internet browsing with just a click. No need to hunt the web for free proxy lists, with Urban Free Proxy extension you have unlimited access to global proxy IPs, right from your toolbar. Proxies from free lists are commonly known to be unstable and have a short life span, and do not offer an encrypted connection, making it a tedious process to constantly find new ones. The Urban Free Extension for Proxies provides you with fast and reliable IPs and encrypts all traffic to guarantee your safety and bypass any blocking technologies.

With premium proxy servers in 80+ countries, and unlimited bandwidth, you can start connecting from anywhere in the world.


100% Free proxies with our browser extension

The free VPN proxy extension gives you fast and reliable access to geo-restricted websites while guaranteeing your security and anonymity. With the Urban Free Extension with Unblocking proxy servers you can have full access to Netflix, download content on an encrypted connection safely and without risk of malware, and use all geo-restricted social media pages with no issue.

Urban's Free VPN and Proxy Extensions gives you secure and anonymous browsing with ease, allowing you to swap between geo locations in a second. All you have to do is select anyone of Urban free proxy servers from our available locations and you are all set. No need to download any additional software – just click here to download the free extension and start surfing with an IP from any country in the world:

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Download Urban VPN to enjoy complete online security and privacy while hiding IP address.

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