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Free VPN for Windows icon

Free VPN for Windows

With server locations in over 80 countries around the world, Urban VPN gives you completely free, private and secure internet browsing, compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Free Android VPN icon

Free Android VPN

Totally free, totally fast, totally anonymous. Enjoy encrypted and private browsing on your Android phone with the Urban VPN app for Google-based devices.

Free Mac VPN icon

Free Mac VPN

Urban VPN for macOS is easy to install and helps you get encrypted, private browsing and unlimited bandwidth, all for free. Manage it through the easy-to-use app to surf the internet in total freedom.

Free PC/Laptop VPN icon

Free PC/Laptop VPN

With a quick and easy installation, Urban VPN for PC features encrypted, private browsing, unlimited bandwidth, all manageable through a user-friendly application. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Free Unblock Proxy icon

Free Unblock Proxy

Mask your IP address and select a new IP from a huge, global pool of addresses to enjoy unrestricted internet browsing on previously inaccessible sites with just one click of your mouse.

Free iPhone VPN icon

Free iPhone VPN

With just one tap on your iPhone, access a completely encrypted and private internet experience. Urban VPN is free, speedy, and compatible with iOS.

Free VPN Browser Extension icon

Free VPN Browser Extension

Get your internet freedom back. Access Urban VPN through our free, secure extensions for Chrome and Firefox, to browse the internet freely and anonymously with just one click.

Free Instagram VPN icon

Free Instagram VPN

Manage your Instagram accounts without the fear of getting blocked. Use Urban VPN to disguise your location and secure your connection.

Free Netflix VPN icon

Free Netflix VPN

Watch your favorite Netflix shows with a super-fast streaming technology through our dedicated Netflix servers from wherever you are in the world.

Hide My IP icon

Hide My IP

Want to hide your IP while surfing the internet? No worries, with just one click Urban VPN masks your IP and helps you browse any website under total anonymity.

Free Twitter VPN icon

Free Twitter VPN

Manage your Twitter accounts without ever getting blocked by using Urban VPN to hide your location and secure your connection.

Free Reddit VPN icon

Free Reddit VPN

Use Reddit, the most popular social news aggregation platform, in total anonymity and with no fear of getting blocked, with Urban VPN.

Free Tumblr VPN icon

Free Tumblr VPN

Access Tumblr in regions where it’s restricted and browse all posts in total freedom and anonymity. It’s as easy as one click of your mouse.

Free Craigslist VPN icon

Free Craigslist VPN

Manage your Craigslist activity and freely browse ads in multiple locations and categories and never get blocked with Urban VPN.

Free Adblocker icon

Free Adblocker

Eliminate all ads, of any format or source, and enjoy incredibly quicker, more private & safer surfing sessions. Get our free plugin now!

Free Hotspot Shield icon

Free Hotspot Shield

No need to think twice before connecting to an unfamiliar public internet source - our Hotspot Shield got you covered anywhere, anytime and all for free!

Free Travel VPN icon

Free Travel VPN

Avoid any nasty surprises during your vacation to countries where the internet is censored. Stay in touch with home and access your social media profiles to send fabulous vacation posts, free of charge.

Free Anti Malware Protection icon

Free Anti Malware Protection

Keep your device safe from malware when browsing from WIFI networks and public hotspot.

Free Roblox VPN icon

Free Roblox VPN

Roblox has been an extremely popular platform for creative MMO players for over 15 years. Want to add one to your Roblox account now? Just click See more now!

Free Gaming VPN icon

Free Gaming VPN

Reduce your latency (ping) and choose which servers you connect to. Our free VPN allows you to dominate every gaming region and avoid being banned by sour losers.

Check out our game-specific offers:

Free gaming vpn PUBG image


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2.Free Fire VPN

Free gaming vpn PUBG image

3.Mobile Legends VPN

Free Router IP Address VPN icon

Free Router IP Address VPN

Looking for the best free VPN to control a router’s IP address.

Chrome Proxy Settings icon

Chrome Proxy Settings

Learn what proxy settings are available for Google Chrome & how to optimize your browsing security and functionality using this feature.

Free Amazon Fire TV Stick icon

Free Amazon Fire TV Stick

Looking for the best free Fire TV Stick VPN? UrbanVPN's revolutionary IP-sharing VPN extension for accessing Alexa is free & just one click away.

IP location icon

IP location

Protect your IP location.

Random Password Generator icon

Random Password Generator

Use our online password generator to instantly create a secure, random password.

Protect Your Privacy with Urban VPN

Download Urban VPN to enjoy complete online security and privacy while hiding IP address.

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