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Each and every UrbanVPN subscription comes jam-packed with all the great features from the world's best VPN.

80 Server Locations

We currently have 80+ server locationsIn major cities around the world and we constantly expand our service by adding new locations every month

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Defeat ISP Throttling

ISPs don't always operate in full transparency, and are in fact likely to reduce your bandwidth in certain circumstances!

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Forget about upload or download limits forced by other VPN providers. Urban Free VPN allows for Unlimited bandwidth.

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Unlock Any Website

Nowadays anyone has a secure broadband connection and complete access to any site or app they want. Or maybe not?

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Unlimited Devices

You can enjoy an incredibly fast, secure and private connection from as many devices as you would like, just like that

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Anonymous Browsing

You can enjoy a fast, secure connection without any third party knowing your true identuty or being able to trace back to you.

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Download Urban VPN to enjoy complete online security and privacy while hiding IP address.

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