How US VPN gives you complete internet freedom:

Hide your IP address

With Urban VPN, you stay anonymous while browsing on the web. When connected to Urban VPN's servers, all your web traffic will be encrypted. Urban VPN allows you to change your public IP address, and since this IP is shared by other Urban VPN users you are truly anonymous.

The best USA VPN gives you complete security.
Feature 1
Avoid Illegitimate Online Surveillance.
Feature 2
All Traffic is Encrypted.
Feature 3
Public WiFi Protection.
How to get a US IP address with Urban VPN

Every time you connect open your browser, you are surfing through an IP assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), this is your Public IP address.. If you are located in UK, you will always get an IP which is based from the UK.
Some websites limit their content by geography, so if you are trying to access content which is only accessible from the United States Of America, you will get blocked.

With Urban VPN, you can instantly get a US IP address by choosing US location.

When you successfully connect to Urban VPN you will be assigned with a real American IP address which will switch your public IP address. Urban VPN US web proxy allows you to access any localized content available only for US users.