How to fix the “RPC server is unavailable” error on Windows?

How to fix the “RPC server is unavailable” error on Windows_

We’ve all encountered the ‘RPC Server is Unavailable’ error message when attempting to retrieve files stored on a server. This problem prohibits computers from logging in or connecting to the server/service, resulting in the display of this error message. While this issue appears on the screen, it may display a bug check value in addition to the error message: 0x800706ba RPC server is unavailable.

This error message appears for various reasons and interferes with communications between two devices and local processes. For someone with no networking skills, the error message may be a complicated issue to resolve. However, it is a simple problem to tackle. Continue reading to understand more about this error.

What is RPC, and what causes the error?

RPC, or Remote Procedure Call, is a built-in Windows mechanism that allows different Windows processes to communicate with one another. It also will enable computers connected to a network to communicate with one another or a server.

Many Windows processes use RPC; RPC communicates with a server using dynamic ports, with a static port (TCP port 135) as its starting point.

What is RPC, and what causes the error

The ‘RPC Server is Unavailable’ error is a networking-related error that can occur for various causes. Among the possible causes are:

  • Third-party apps are inferring.
  • The ‘RPC service’ is no longer operational.
  • Traffic is being blocked by a firewall or antivirus tool.
  • Problems with network connectivity – you might see this error message, RPC server is unavailable error 1722, which indicates a connectivity failure.
  • Your computer needs a reboot.

You can boot your Windows experience and connectivity by utilizing a Windows VPN, however, if you are seeing this error message, you need to fix the issue to restore your communication.

Potential solutions to resolving the error:

Resolving RPC server is unavailable Windows 10 is similar to fixing the error on Windows 11 – follow the methods below to see what works for you.

Restart the RPC server

Restarting the service is the most effective approach to resolving the error and the best place to start. This will push Windows to re-establish all connections and processes. 

  1. Enter ‘Services’ in the Start search bar.
  2. Select ‘Run’ as administrator.
  3. Locate and double-click the ‘DCOM Server Process Launcher’.
  4. Check that ‘Startup type’ is set to Automatic and ‘Service status’ is set to Running.
  5. If there is an error, change the ‘Startup type’ to Automatic and click Start beneath ‘Service status.’

If this does not resolve the ‘RPC is unavailable error,’ move on to more severe fixes, as this issue may lie deeper.

how to fix rpc error by restart the RPC server

Rule out third-party applications

To rule out any third-party applications being the cause of your problem, try a clean boot. A ‘clean boot’ is a startup state where all third-party applications and services are disabled. Although this is not a built-in feature of Windows, it is reasonably simple to implement. Many users indicate that faulty third-party apps are to be accused of the ‘RPC Server is unavailable’ issue.

  1. Enter sysconfig in the Start menu search bar and select ‘System Configuration.’
  2. Navigate to the Services tab and choose the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ checkbox.
  3. After that, select all the services from the list and click ‘Disable all.’
  4. Launch Task Manager by right-clicking the Taskbar and selecting ‘Task Manager.’
  5. Navigate to the Startup tab and turn off each service one by one.
  6. Exit the program and restart the computer.

Use your computer to see whether the error returns. It signifies that a third-party program caused the issue if it doesn’t. Uninstall any recently installed software and download a new version to stop the error from reoccurring.

fix RPC server is unavailable by rulling out third-party applications

Check your network settings

If you can’t open specific directories or files in File Explorer, your network settings are likely incorrectly configured. To enable the best network options, follow these steps:

To configure your network, follow these steps:

  1. To access the Run command, use Windows Key + R. Enter ncpa.cpl into the dialog box and press ‘Enter.’
  2. Right-click on the appropriate network connection and select ‘Properties’. Right-click on Wi-Fi, for example, if you’re using it.
  3. Then select ‘Properties’. To do so, administrator rights will be required.
  4. Enable ‘File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks and Internet Protocol Version 6′ (TCP/IPv6) choices in the Properties menu.

Users can try reinstalling the network drivers if this does not resolve the problem. This may cause Windows to re-download and install the network drivers, which may fix the problem. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. In the Run dialog box, press Windows Key + R and type devmgmt.msc.
  2. The Device Manager will be launched.
  3. Expand the Network adapters option by clicking it.
  4. Uninstall the network drivers by right-clicking them.
  5. Restart your computer after closing all open windows.

Check your firewall settings

Check your firewall settings

Sometimes, the Windows Firewall blocks RPC server traffic, resulting in the ‘RPC Server is unavailable’ message. Users must change their firewall settings to allow traffic in such circumstances.

The steps for third-party firewalls may vary, but here is how you adjust the Windows Firewall:

  1. Enter the Control Panel in the Start menu search field and click on it to open it.
  2. In the Control Panel search bar, enter “firewall.”
  3. Click ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’ under the Windows Firewall option.
  4. Look for Remote Assistance in the dialog window and check all items.
  5. Restart your computer after saving your modifications.

Restore your computer using system restore

A System Restore may be necessary if you have tried everything above and cannot resolve the error. When you enable System Protection, Windows will typically create restore points for you automatically or when you install new applications.

Follow these steps to trigger a System Restore:

  1. Enter the Control Panel in the Start menu search bar and click the Best Match option.
  2. Enter ‘Recovery’ in the Control Panel and select Recovery.
  3. In the Recovery window, click on ‘Open System Restore’. To do so, you’ll require administrator rights.
  4. Select a restore point by clicking ‘Next.’
  5. Finish by clicking the ‘Finish’ button.

Wrapping up

If you’re faced with the ‘RPC server is unavailable’ error, you may be worried about how you can resolve the error. By following this guide, you can fix the error by troubleshooting what is causing the problem in the first place and following through on the solution. 

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