How to use a travel VPN to save on plane tickets?


Planning a trip is usually enjoyable, but the rising cost of travel makes everything less enjoyable. Travel businesses collect information about you online using sophisticated tracking methods, then raise prices as a result. Fortunately, there are ways to cut your holiday spending. The best option is to purchase a VPN for less expensive flights.

Your traffic will be encrypted by the best VPN, which will also change your IP address location to one from different country. Consequently, you can browse a variety of booking platforms and find fantastic discounts. Additionally, a virtual private network helps maintain the privacy and security of your data over the vacation.

But by not using a VPN app (VPN) when you book flights online, you put yourself in needless danger. Without even realizing it, you’re probably also raising flight prices.

Continue reading to see how a VPN keeps you secure when you book your next ticket and enables you to find more affordable flights.

What are the ways airlines use to get you to pay more?

Have you ever conversed with a fellow traveler and been shocked to learn that they paid significantly more or less for a ticket in the same class as yours? In the aviation sector, this is a standard procedure. Even though it may seem unjust, the aviation business has one of the most creative pricing techniques compared to other industries.

Dynamic Pricing

When you revisit a website, it will be possible for comparison sites and airlines to recognize you because of cookies, a marker that downloads to your device. The prices can then be modified accordingly. Both airlines and comparison websites deny this is true or that they do it.

They do utilize dynamic pricing, as some manufacturers of airline revenue management software have revealed. This implies that a person may receive one price while another gets a different one. This is based on a variety of factors, including user location, past flight information, shopping tendencies, customer accounts, and much more.

The number of tariff classes offered by airlines today is up to 26. Furthermore, to further complicate matters, airlines have the option to adjust each fare class’s costs four times each day for domestic flights and hourly for international ones.

User Profiling

As it enables you to foresee their actions and organize people into categories, understanding customer behavior can be crucial to managing a company or website. By classifying clients based on their habits, also known as profiles, you can more effectively target them with marketing campaigns.

Having a wealth of knowledge about the customers you serve is crucial for running a business or simply a website. Many digital services rely on user information since information is money in and of itself. For instance, marketing relies heavily on market and demographic data to be successful. By using user profiling, How does a VPN save on ticket costs?

How does a VPN save on ticket costs<
VPNs are used by users to get around Internet censorship, alter their IP addresses, conceal their online identities, and secure sensitive data from hackers and prying eyes.

A VPN might help you find cheaper airline tickets. You can fight back if the airlines employ dynamic profiling and user profiling by utilizing a VPN to disguise your location.

With a good VPN, you may choose the country you wish to “appear” to be from, in addition to hiding your IP address.

Let’s learn in this detail.

Choose a different location

Simply because of where you are, aircraft tickets can cost more money. You are more likely to pay a higher flight price if you buy a plane ticket from a wealthier nation, like the United Kingdom, for instance. On the other side, you will frequently discover a better value if you buy an airline ticket from a low-income nation.

You may easily change your IP address to almost any location in the globe with the use of premium VPNs, which have thousands of servers spread throughout numerous nations.

Use the location of your destination

Connecting to a VPN server in your country of travel is another way to reduce your airfare. Usually, the cost of the tickets will decrease noticeably after that.

Additional steps you should take when buying an airline ticket

Additional steps you should take when buying an airline ticket

Clear Cookies and Cache

To stop the travel website from tracking you, be sure to erase the cookies and cache in your browser. Cookies save user information and browsing habits. Cookies can be used by travel sites to pinpoint your precise location because they are used by websites to build your digital profile. That might be the cause of your inability to use a VPN to find a cheap plane ticket.

Use Incognito Mode

You’ve probably seen that a website’s admission charges continue increasing when you revisit it. This is so that they can identify the flight you’re interested in based on your browser activity. Use incognito mode when looking for flights using a VPN to prevent that from happening. To mask your IP address, you must use a VPN; using incognito mode will not do this.

Log out of all your travel accounts

Finding those low-cost flights you’re seeking won’t be easy because airline websites are sophisticated and can be accessed without a VPN. To ensure that no information about you is left behind and that the website cannot see what you have previously seen, you must log out of everything before you begin.

Log out from your browser

Although signing out of the website is crucial for security, logging out of your browser is another step you can do to keep your data safe. In some circumstances, data can be cached even after logging out from a website, and your browser might support storing information as long as it is operating. When you log out of a browser, you make sure that no other website can use the information you provided.

Log out from your email

You might want to reevaluate how frequently you use your email account if you often find yourself in your inbox at work. Without a doubt, email plays a significant role in our daily lives. While email is constantly available to us, there isn’t a strict requirement that we continuously check it.

By logging out of email accounts, you can prevent airline websites from tracking your activities and use personalized pricing methods for their pricing strategy.


Simply by downloading a reliable VPN, you can save a lot of money on airfare. In addition to rising airfares, COVID limitations are being loosened, which has everyone eager to travel once more. If you’re anything like most of us, there are probably friends and family members you haven’t seen in a while. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to see your loved ones so you could enjoy yourself when you finally arrived. To fully make use of your new VPN, all you need to do is connect your server to a nation with less expensive air travel. We wish you many happy and secure journeys in the future!

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