Internet Protocol Security


What is Internet Protocol Security

IPSec or Internet Protocol Security is a set of algorithms and protocols that help to protect and secure private data. Whenever you’re transferring secure data over a public network, it is essential to be careful.

The IPSec was developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force back in the 1990s. The platform’s main aim was to offer security and encrypt the IP of the specific network address.

IPSec is available in two packets that help to add an extra layer of security. The two IP packets that IPSec helps to secure include the Authentication Header and Encapsulating Security Payload. While the former helps maintain data integrity, the latter aims to encrypt and data authentication.

IPSec has an internet key exchange that helps to generate secure keys. These secure keys further play an important role in improving the security association. Whenever using IPSec, it is necessary to be careful with the data encryption and decryption as it helps to add an extra level of security. IPSec also helps to develop a secure firewall that is beneficial for managing SA negotiation.

Importance of IPSec

Support engineers use IPSec extensively within the organization. The importance of using IPSec is as follows:

  • Network layer security
    IPSec helps to conduct a three-layer security network. The higher the network layer, the better the performance. Furthermore, it also plays a vital role in managing the configuration. However, it is advisable to check the traffic continuously.
  • Confidentiality
    Confidentiality is one of the critical factors of IPSec. Whenever exchanging data, it is necessary to have a secure key. IPSec plays an essential role in making data transfer confidential and successful. Since it doesn’t provide the hint of the network, there is no chance of data package forging too.
  • No need to depend on the application
    IPSec can be easily implemented using the network layers. Therefore, there is no requirement to rely on a particular operating system.

It is necessary to update the operating system to access IPSec properly. Furthermore, the users will not have to worry about the integration across applications too.

On the other hand, SSL-based VPN needs to be modified regularly to suit individual and business needs. Since there is no dependence on applications, most of the users prefer IPSec over SSL.

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