Four tech tips for your next vacation



You may think when it’s time for your next vacation that it’s time to switch-off from all the tech use of our everyday lives and have a digital detox. While it’s great to switch-off every once in a while, technology can enhance the way people travel, providing convenience and security to make a vacation more relaxing.

Here are four tech tips for your next vacation, for the planning stage and beyond.

<h2″>One – Use a travel VPN to save on plane tickets & accommodation

Use a travel VPN to save on plane tickets & accommodation

You may be surprised to learn that you can use a VPN to save on plane tickets and accommodation. This is because a VPN will mask your true IP address and allow you to access the internet as though you are in another country. You can get cheaper flights by choosing a VPN server from a country which offers lower prices. By changing your location, you can also access active promo codes and other flight discounts.

Additionally, most airlines track and gather large amounts of consumer data, some of which is utilized for dynamic ticket pricing. While you might believe that a tactic such as private browsing can hide your online activity, this is not the case. Using a VPN will also hide your search history and browsing activity, meaning that airlines cannot collect your information while you search for flights.

A VPN will also help you to save serious money on hotel bookings. This is because hotel sites and comparison websites change their prices based on your location. You’ll be more likely to save money if you search via a server from a lower-income country or if there are exclusive discounts available to people booking from a specific country.

Two – Download a VPN before traveling to a country with internet restrictions

Download a VPN before traveling to a country with internet restrictions

Another great use of VPNs is to bypass WiFi and internet restrictions. Many countries around the world have restrictions in place to what websites and applications can be accessed – this can apply to news sites and streaming services. For example, if you are traveling to Spain from the US, you will not be able to access HBO MAX without using a VPN to connect via a US server.

There are a couple different reasons for why certain content may be restricted. It may be because some service providers allow different content to be viewed depending on the region, such as Netflix libraries across the world only being available to residents of the specified country. This can be due to licensing, which varies in different countries.

There are also some countries that restrict access due to political reasons. For example, China is known for “the great firewall” with extreme internet censorship for its citizens. Almost all major international social media sites are restricted.

These geo-restrictions can be very frustrating while traveling. If you want to avoid this, utilize a VPN to connect to servers in other countries where the internet is less restricted.

Three – Transfer your photos before you get back

Transfer your photos before you get back

Many people don’t take the time to back up their photos while they are on vacation. It is likely the farthest thing from mind, as you are still living the experience captured by your camera. By the time you return from your travels, you might forget to transfer your photos leading to them being lost along with the memories of your vacation.

It’s best practice to backup your photos while you are on vacation to avoid losing them. There is always the risk of your phone or camera being stolen or damaged, or photos simply being accidentally deleted.

A great way to preserve your photos is to use the cloud. Cloud storage is commonplace nowadays and has become progressively affordable, with many providers allowing you to sign up for a free amount of storage. In addition, many providers can link directly to your phone or a Wi-Fi equipped camera to automatically back up your images.

You can also utilize external storage devices while on the go. Make use of SD cards if you are using a camera – it’s a good idea to use lower-capacity SD cards so that you rotate them frequently. USB flash drives are always a good affordable option if you aren’t using the cloud or just want to have another backup. If you want more space than a USB, you can bring a portable hard drive and quickly transfer all your photos onto an external device.

Four – Use an eSIM and save money on your 4G plan

Use an eSIM and save money on your 4G plan

When traveling abroad, an eSIM provides numerous advantages. Because it cannot be removed if your phone is lost or stolen, it is more secure than a real SIM. You don’t have to obtain, carry, and swap real SIM cards, which can also be lost, or wait for them to arrive in the mail before leaving with an eSIM.

Your network provider may also allow you to manage your eSIM plan online and add additional data as needed. You can find out exactly what your network provider offers by contacting them, but you can expect to have international roaming on your 4G plan without any additional fees. Alternatively, your network may provide low-cost travel passes or plans that you may purchase in advance to use in the destination you’re visiting.

If you want to look outside your current network provider, many international networks sell prepaid data plans. These plans allow you to stay connected while traveling in several countries and regions. Before you travel, you can purchase the best value plan for you.


Utilize technology before and during your vacation. Connecting to a VPN server in another country will allow you to see more affordable price options for your flights and accommodation. A VPN will also let you bypass geo-restrictions so you can continue to stream your favorite show while traveling. Transferring your photos before returning will prevent any loss of memories and choosing an affordable eSIM will allow you to roam without additional costs. Implementing these tech tips can help make your vacation more enjoyable and stress-free.

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