How to watch NESN streaming from anywhere


For sports enthusiasts, NESN, the New England Sports Network, is a highly desirable streaming service. NESN streams sports events from New England, USA, including live Bruins and Red Sox games for fans of Boston’s respective NHL and MLB league teams. In many ways, the New England Sports Network is a must-watch, boasting some of the most exciting events of the sporting calendar.

Where can I stream NESN?

Where can I stream NESN?

When it comes to streaming NESN sports programming, there are quite a few different options available to users. NESN can be streamed on a variety of different platforms, such as Android, iPhone, Roku TV, FuboTV, Fire TV, Google TV, and DIRECTTV, among others.

Of course, this is good news for those who are already streaming online using these platforms. At the same time, however, there is a catch. That catch is that NESN is actually a geo-restricted service.

What is a geo-restricted service?

What is a geo-restricted service?

A geo-restricted service is one which is made unavailable to specific users on the basis of the geographic location that they’re in. This is a procedure known which is known as geo-blocking, and it is carried out by using user IP addresses.

When you log in to your preferred streaming service, your personal IP address is visible to the hosting organization. This IP address is a numeric identifier that makes it possible for such organizations to recognize the device that you’re currently using whenever you are online. By extension, this also allows them to determine the country from which you are attempting to stream online content.

In the case of NESN, the viewing service is intended primarily for viewers who reside in the New England region. There are geo-blocks in place to protect licensing agreements for NESN, and this means that it can be challenging for viewers outside of that region to stream live sporting events on the network.

Users who try to access NESN from outside of the USA will encounter an error stating that “This service isn’t available in your region”. Naturally, this can be quite a frustrating experience for avid fans of teams based in New England.

Fortunately, it is possible to circumvent this issue and stream sporting content as intended.

How can I bypass geo-blocks on NESN?

As has been mentioned above, geo-blocks rely on your streaming service provider being about to deduce your geographic location from your IP address. That means that when you encounter a blockage, the obvious solution is to change your IP address.

This is where a VPN app can be extremely beneficial to your online streaming experience.

When you use a VPN, your internet traffic will be rerouted through a remote server via a secure tunnel. Your VPN will encrypt your data and, more importantly, it will conceal your IP. In doing so, it makes it impossible for your geographical location to be detected.

Your VPN service will allow you to choose the location of the remote server that you are using. This will enable you to appear as though you are a typical viewer in that location. As a result, you can easily bypass blockages by changing your server location in your VPN application.

Additionally, since using a VPN will prevent ISPs from monitoring your internet activity, you are also less likely to experience bandwidth throttling, which can be triggered by streaming activity. This means that your VPN can also help you to have a smoother overall streaming experience once you have bypassed the block.

How to use a VPN to bypass a block on NESN

How to use a VPN to bypass a block on NESN

While it may sound like a complex process at first, using a virtual private network to get around a block is actually a relatively easy task. To bypass a block on NESN, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install Urban VPN and install the application on the device with which you intend to stream.
  • Launch Urban VPN on your device.
  • Select your preferred server location from Urban VPN’s server locations. For the purpose of streaming NESN content, you should choose a server located in the USA so as not to trigger geo-blocks.
  • Log in to your chosen streaming platform using your VPN-enabled device.
  • Select NESN and begin streaming your favorite sporting content right away.

Wrapping up

The New England Sports Network is a fantastic service that offers users the chance to experience exciting sports events from New England, USA. Due to geo-blocking, the service is available to users outside of the region. With a quality VPN service, you can change your location and IP address to the USA, allowing you to watch NESN content on your favorite streaming platform without any issues.

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