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In the modern day, data privacy and cybersecurity are of major concern. With cybercrime on the rise, websites tracking user activities, and internet service providers (ISPs) increasingly imposing geo-restrictions on internet users, it is necessary for individuals to find ways to protect themselves and safeguard their online experiences. This is what virtual private network (VPN) clients are all about.

What is a VPN client?https://www.urban-vpn.com/about-us/glossary/geo-restrictions/

A VPN client is a software application that enables you to make your internet connection more secure and private. When you utilize a VPN client, it provides you with a secure tunnel through which to direct your internet traffic.

When you use a VPN client, your traffic is also routed to a server in a different geographical location. This allows you to conceal your IP address so that your online activities become harder to track. This means that you can browse anonymously while appearing to ISPs as a typical user from your chosen server location.

What are the differences between a VPN client, a VPN extension, and a VPN server?

A VPN client and a VPN extension are two types of VPN applications, and they share many similarities. In general, they have the same function – allowing the user to secure their connection and protect their personal data.

The key difference between the two is the level of coverage provided. While a VPN client is downloaded and installed as a standalone application on your device, a VPN extension is an add-on that can be integrated into your chosen web browser. While a VPN client encrypts and secures all data traffic from your device, a VPN extension applies that protection only to data coming through your browser. As such, a VPN extension can be considered a more lightweight and compact alternative to a full VPN client.

VPN server, on the other hand, is something different entirely. This is a server that is configured specifically for hosting VPN services. A VPN server acts as an intermediary between your device and the websites that you access online. When you open your VPN client, you can choose from a variety of servers in different geographical regions around the world. Your chosen option will be your VPN server.

Does my operating system come with a VPN client?

If you are using a modern Microsoft OS, such as Windows 10 or Windows 11, then your device will come with its own built-in VPN client. That said, Microsoft will not provide a server, which means that it is up to you to procure one, and this prospect may not appeal to you.

Although your OS may include VPN support, it is often more convenient to opt for a VPN client from a reputable VPN provider, as you will be able to avail of user support and an extensive selection of servers.

What are the benefits of a VPN client

There are a variety of important benefits to using a VPN client, both for business and personal use:

Added security

Because a VPN client enables you to mask your IP address, it helps to from cyber criminals, who frequently use IP tracking to find victims. Moreover, VPN clients typically provide users with end-to-end encryption for all of their data. In doing so, they render it indecipherable to malicious entities who may seek to exploit it.

In this way, a VPN client can play an important role in protecting your cybersecurity. Likewise, VPN clients can help to protect your business by enabling employees to connect to company systems remotely without risking a security breach.

Increase privacy

Since a VPN client redirects your traffic and conceals your IP, it prevents websites from deducing your location, which means that you can circumvent geo-restrictions. This is useful for accessing restricted content, such as on streaming platforms, but it also enables businesses to perform more accurate market research by changing locations.

In addition, by preventing ISPs from monitoring your activities, a VPN can help you to avoid bandwidth throttling, which can occur in response to activities like online gaming and video streaming. This ensures that you have a smoother, more responsive experience.

Added functionality

While VPN extensions undoubtedly have their uses, VPN clients offer more features for you to avail of. VPN clients can provide extra information about servers, settings to adjust tunneling protocols, and even VPN kill switch features that prevent devices from establishing unsecured connections.

Moreover, all of this is provided within an intuitive, user-friendly interface, allowing you to customize and adjust your VPN settings to ensure that you have the optimal experience.https://www.urban-vpn.com/about-us/glossary/what-is-kill-switch-vpn/


For modern-day internet users, privacy and security are significant considerations. A VPN client is a convenient software application that allows you to cover both bases, securing your device’s connection and protecting your data to ensure that you have the best online experience possible.

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