Bandwidth Throttling


The purposeful slowing down of internet access by an Internet service provider (ISP) or web host for a client is known as bandwidth throttling. In communication networks, it is a preventative strategy used to manage network traffic to reduce bandwidth utilization and congestion.

Throttling is a technique used to control the amount of data going to and coming from your account by reducing the processing speed and raising the latency once you’ve reached a specified usage threshold.

You might recall when your mobile device offered unlimited data, only to discover that once you reached a certain threshold, your data slowed to a crawl. Due to the terrible exposure it received, mobile phone companies have largely stopped using this unethical technique. Unfortunately, it is still prevalent in modern web hosting.

How can I get bandwidth limiting to stop?

How can I get bandwidth limiting to stop?

While altogether avoiding bandwidth limiting is difficult, there are a few strategies to reduce it:

  • Utilizing a VPN is the most straightforward approach to stop data throttling (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a service that enables you to use the Internet anonymously and securely. Your device and the website you’re viewing are connected through the Internet when you’re online.
    Anyone eavesdropping on your activities won’t be able to access your data because the VPN encrypts it (your Internet service provider included). If your ISP is unaware of what you are doing online, they won’t restrict your bandwidth. A VPN has a lot of benefits besides just avoiding bandwidth restrictions
  • If your data cap causes an ISP to throttle you, upgrade your internet plan to gain additional bandwidth, or try to accumulate bandwidth over the course of the month
  • Change your ISP if throttling starts to feel excessive and unwarranted


Most problems can be resolved after you identify their causes and have a thorough understanding of them. ISPs attempt to limit bandwidth for various reasons, but slow Internet may be defeated. Change your service provider, utilize a proxy, or even better, a VPN.

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