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Who doesn’t like shopping online? The craze for online shopping is increasing with each passing day. Online shopping is extremely convenient and flexible. It gives buyers the freedom to shop from their homes’ comfort as per their own time and availability. Unlike traditional shopping, online shopping saves your precious hours and money that would have been spent commuting.

However, online shopping comes with its pitfalls. The biggest problem in making online purchases is to risk your personal information such as bank and credit/debit card details. As you know, the Internet has a darker side as well, and sharing your personal information on online sites can lead to data theft, hack, and other cybercrimes. Many other problems come with online shopping, such as geo-restrictions.

Nonetheless, a VPN comes in handy to make your online shopping experience safe and secure. With this in mind, this article will discuss why choosing Urban VPN for your online shopping can be beneficial. But before that, let’s learn more about VPNs.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is used to establish a secure connection over the public internet and wi-fi hotspots. How does a VPN create this secure network? VPNs often use the Open VPN protocol to ensure a safe connection and transmission of data or information over the internet. Connecting to an unsecured network can be dangerous as it can lead to data theft, hacking, and other cybercrimes. Moreover, there are high risks of unwanted viruses and suspicious malware attacking your devices if connected to an unsecured public wi-fi or the internet. Nonetheless, a VPN can protect you and your devices from online fraud.

The demand for VPNs is growing as internet users are increasing. Earlier, there was not much awareness about the darker side of the web. However, as people are becoming more alert and knowledgeable, a VPN’s need is also growing day by day. Initially, VPNs were used mainly by companies and corporations to help their employees work remotely over a secure network. However, nowadays, VPNs are also used mostly for personal use.

Let’s look at some of the significant reasons for which you need a VPN for online shopping.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Online Shopping

Why Do You Need a VPN for Online Shopping?

Using a VPN for online shopping is the right choice. Below are the main reasons for using a VPN for online shopping.

  • Secure Payments: Linking your bank account, PayPal, or other online payment apps on online shopping sites could be risky. There are chances that third-party users or hackers can steal your card or account details third-party users or hackers can steal your card or account details. In such a case, it becomes necessary to use a VPN to make secure payments. By letting you create a secure private connection, a VPN gives you an extra layer of security.
  • Shopping Securely from New Sites: Shopping from a site for the first time or using a new website for purchasing products is not free from danger. It is difficult to be sure about the authenticity and genuinity of a newly launched site. Therefore, it becomes crucial to be extra careful while buying from such sites, and a VPN can help you in such situations.
  • Shopping Without Geo-Restrictions: Sometimes, you cannot buy from specific sites due to location barriers or security issues. In cases where you are denied access, you can use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions, thereby shopping without any hurdles.
  • Getting Better Deals: At times, you may see high prices or no discount offers due to your location. The reasons behind it are varied. Some sites quote high prices to buyers from affluent locations. While some sites have discount offers only for the people from their location. To get hold of such situations, a VPN comes in handy.

Why Choose Urban VPN for Shopping Online?

There are many VPNs available in the market. As a result, choosing a VPN becomes challenging. Nonetheless, we are here to help you with our recommendation for an excellent free VPN. Urban VPN is a free VPN that you can use for online shopping. It offers 100% security, unlimited bandwidth, and server locations in more than 80 areas. It’s a great option given the fact that it comes free of cost.
How to set up Urban VPN
Urban VPN is not only best because it brings you all the premium features without any cost. It is also best because it takes absolutely no time to download it and get it running. Here is a list of everything that you need to do.

  • First and foremost, you need to download the Urban VPN. The setup file can be easily downloaded from their official website. Urban VPN is suitable for Windows, androids, and iPhone. It also supports various browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, to name a few.
  • Next, you have to install the file that you have downloaded.
  • Once the setup is complete, you need to do a right-click on Urban VPN in the taskbar.
  • The last thing to do on the list is select your VPN location for your system to start working.

And, you are all set to browse the websites you want without any worry. Once you have installed this VPN on your server, it’ll run in the background and keep monitoring your internet browsing without causing any interruption.


Online shopping isn’t always safe. Sometimes people forget the security part over the comfort that online shopping offers. However, shopping online without proper security can cause you a considerable loss. There are many cases where buyers’ bank account and credit card details get leaked or hacked. No one likes to be a victim of cybercrime, but careless use of the Internet can put you in an unlikely situation. Nonetheless, a VPN can help you in such circumstances by letting you establish a secure, private connection of unsecured public networks and wi-fi connections. So, be a smart online buyer. Use Urban VPN for online shopping to keep yourself secured without paying a single penny.

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