Is Telegram safe?

Is Telegram safe?

Telegram is a popular messaging app due to its speed, cross-platform integration, and international availability. Is Telegram, however, secure to use? The simple answer is no, not by default. However, Telegram may be safe for most people to use. Unfortunately, despite the platform’s protective features, you must actively encrypt your Telegram account and use secret messages with each new chat for meaningful safeguarding. 

The key takeaway is that Telegram’s security and privacy levels are determined by how you use it. Some features and settings ensure that your messages and activities are only accessible to you and the person you are conversing with.

What is Telegram?

What is Telegram?

Brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov are the creators of Telegram. While working on their first initiative, VK (a social networking site), in 2006, they felt pressure from the Kremlin to divulge specific user data. The Durovs declined, and Pavel sold his VKontakte shares and fled the country in 2014. He expressed concern about government surveillance and condemned new shareholder arrangements.

This fallout led to the development of Telegram, which was released in 2013. For political reasons, the Russian government continues to apply pressure to get particular user details. Telegram was banned in Russia in 2018 due to the Durov brother’s continued refusal to comply. However, the ban was lifted in 2020 after Telegram pledged to assist Russia in terrorism investigations.

This ban was in vain; despite Roskomnadzor’s firewalls, Telegram remained the primary news source for Russian oppositionists. As a result, in 2022, Telegram prevented Russian state media from using the network.

Telegram has about 700 million monthly active users, the majority from India. Despite the app’s difficulties and previous restrictions, its second and third-largest user populations are from Russia and the United States, respectively. 

However, Telegram takes on a more significant risk when security risks with real-world effects are combined with political conflicts between countries. This is even more dangerous because technology experts are suspicious of the app’s security precautions. 

Is Telegram end-to-end encrypted?

Is Telegram end-to-end encrypted?

Telegram provides end-to-end encryption for one-on-one calls and texts if the Secret Chats option is enabled. Secret Chats are Telegram chats that self-destruct immediately. These chats, however, must be created by the user; they are not enabled by default. This suggests that there are security risks caused by human error, such as forgetting to turn on these features.

End-to-end encryption, on the other hand, is not employed on all other forms of chats, group calls, broadcasting, groups, and channels. They instead use secure client-server encryption. According to Telegram, everything saved on their servers is encrypted, and the keys that protect that data are separated and never kept with the data they cover.

Encryption is essential for keeping private data private. While end-to-end encryption is the standard, client-server encryption protects your messages by guaranteeing they cannot be read if your internet service provider intercepts them, the owners of Wi-Fi networks you connect to, or other third parties.

What are the security risks concerning Telegram?

What are the security risks concerning Telegram?

There are a few significant security risks to be aware of when using Telegram.

Firstly, Telegram’s servers keep user data such as usernames, IP addresses, and device information. Telegram’s privacy policy states that they will only share this information with authorities if they receive a court order pertaining to terrorist activities. However, this data could be vulnerable to a breach (which has already occurred, with user data showing up on the dark web).

Another feature to be aware of is The People Nearby feature. This feature allows you to see Telegram members nearby, not just your contacts, but all Telegram users with the capability enabled. People Nearby has been shown to reveal specific location data to hackers, so you should consider switching off.

Lastly, we don’t know how Telegram does its encryption. Telegram is regarded as open-source, although only the client-side code is; the server-side code is not. Telegram encrypts your communications using its proprietary system, MTProto, which they have yet to publish the coding for.

Is Telegram safe to send photos?

Is Telegram safe to send photos?

Ensuring the security of photos, especially when sharing them via messaging apps like Telegram, involves careful consideration and knowledge of the app’s functionality.

Always use Secret Chats to maximize security while sharing photographs on Telegram. This unique Telegram feature provides end-to-end encryption, which means the pictures are only available to you and the recipient. Standard Telegram chats have a lower level of security than, although encrypted, they are stored on Telegram’s servers.

Another essential approach is to evaluate and manage the privacy settings in Telegram regularly. Users should be able to configure settings such as who can see their profile pictures and last seen status. This level of control over personal information considerably improves overall security.

Telegram or WhatsApp? Which one is safer?

Telegram or WhatsApp: Which one is safer?

Unlike Telegram, where you may accidentally disclose your conversations if you forget to use the Secret Chat mode, WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted by default. However, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, one of the world’s most prominent data collectors, which is cause for concern.

Meta has been scrutinized since 2021 for changes to its privacy policy and whether it protects user privacy and security. WhatsApp collects user data that it claims improves customer experience, such as the time, frequency, and length of your usage, how you engage with WhatsApp services, location services, and cookies, automatically. Message information, such as contact information or private conversations between users, is not shared.

Despite the fact that Meta owns it, WhatsApp’s security is unrivaled, with end-to-end encryption on all chats. On the other hand, Telegram demands less personal data and has more group chat possibilities and massive file-sharing capabilities, but you must enable encrypted messaging channels. 

Stay safe, stay encrypted 

Telegram has positioned itself as a secure instant messaging service. Users looking for a replacement for WhatsApp have driven a lot of traffic to the app in recent years. This was primarily due to WhatsApp’s announcement of revisions to its privacy policies. 

Enable Secret Chats to keep your discussions and shared files hidden while using Telegram to safeguard your privacy and safety.

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