How to unblock Valorant and play in different locations


A VPN routes your device’s internet connection through the VPN’s private server rather than your ISP so that when you send data to the internet, it comes from the VPN rather than your computer. Once you connect to the internet, the VPN functions as an intermediary, masking your IP address – the string of digits assigned to your device by your ISP – and protecting your identity. Moreover, if your data is intercepted, it will be rendered undecipherable until it reaches its intended destination.

Using a VPN when gaming – Why and How?

Despite the claims of their developers, many games are only available in some places. Geo-blocking and a shortage of servers in your location are everyday annoyances. A VPN allows users to connect to a remote server in any country, bypassing such obstacles. Connecting to different servers will enable you to play your favorite games regardless of where you are.

How Valorant works

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter that has increased in popularity since its release in 2020. Gamers worldwide have been drawn to Valorant’s multiplayer thrills, but there is one catch: you can only play against players from your region.

Valorant’s developer, Riot Games, region-locked the game. When you first sign up, you must specify your region. Your region cannot be modified after that point. This is done to maintain server efficiency and compare competitors’ ping rates. However, it has left many gamers dissatisfied. If you want to play against peers from other countries, you need more time. Fortunately, using a VPN, you can overcome this issue and alter your location on Valorant.

Can you play Valorant with a VPN?

Can you play Valorant with a VPN?

With Urban VPN’s free service, you can play Valorant on any of its regional servers. Riot Games does not manually select a server region; however, Urban VPN allows you to do so. Create a Riot account while connected to a VPN server in the desired location. Once you connect to the server, you can play Valorant with your peers in that region.

Urban VPN is designed for fast connections and limitless bandwidth, and it makes use of a massive network of fast VPN servers in 21 countries, making it the perfect choice for playing Valorant.

How to change Valorant region with VPN

How to change Valorant region with VPN

In a nutshell, you can change your Valorant region in a few easy steps:

  • Download and install Urban VPN
  • Connect to your desired server location
  • Log in to your Valorant account and start playing

How to make a Valorant account in a different region

How to make a Valorant account in a different region

As we know, Valorant accounts are region-locked. This means that Riot restricts the servers you can access based on your IP address. Your account is permanently linked to the location where you created it. If you made your account in a European country, you could only play Valorant on EU servers.

Your shard is determined by your location, which controls which server regions you may access. If you wish to play with friends from other countries, you must register a new Valorant account.

  • Connect to the location server you want to play in via Urban VPN
  • Go to Riot’s website
  • Create a new account while connected to the server

How to play Valorant in a different region

How to play Valorant in a different region

Let’s assume you’re an EU gamer looking to play on an American server. Here’s what you should do:

  • Get Urban VPN
  • Connect to a server in America
  • Create a new account now that your IP address is in that location
  • Log in to Valorant with your newly created account
  • Have fun playing!

It’s that easy to change your Valorant region. You may log in with another account and swap VPN servers if you want to switch between regions freely.


There you have it – you can play Valorant from a different region than your own with the help of Urban VPN. It is easy to set up and you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your bandwidth speed when switching servers. Simply connect to a server, create your account, and start playing.

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