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Crypto-mining is a relatively new technique that is gaining traction among criminal actors. It does not necessitate specialized technical prowess, making it a lucrative option for hackers. The attacker only has to know how to make a miner out of open-source code or where to buy one. If a crypto-mining malware is successfully placed on the victim’s computer, it rewards its operator with consistent earnings.

Initially, browser-based crypto-mining, also known as crypto-jacking, was the most common way of resource theft; however, browser-based crypto-mining fell drastically in popularity once Coinhive shut down in 2019. Now, enabling malware to run on a device is a more common method of assault.

The blockchain technology that enables cryptocurrency maintains it in a decentralized and unregulated market. Unfortunately, this comes with its own set of concerns, especially in terms of hacking and security. An anti-mining VPN app is necessary to limit potential losses while providing extra privacy.

What is Anti-Mining VPN?

What is Anti-Mining VPN

An anti-mining VPN can block websites and other online services that mine cryptocurrency on the user’s device without their knowledge or permission. Anti-mining VPNs can assist in preventing the user’s computer from being used for mining and the user from unintentionally aiding illicit mining.

To protect your device from unauthorized crypto-mining, anti-mining VPNs work by preventing access to websites and services known to be utilized for mining. This is accomplished through blocklists, lists of websites and services the VPN knows are associated with cryptocurrency mining. When a user tries to access these websites or services, the VPN will terminate the connection and prevent the user from mining cryptocurrency.

How Does a VPN Protect Against Crypto-Mining?

How Does a VPN Protect Against Crypto-Mining_

A VPN offers different anti-mining features to protect against unauthorized crypto-mining. To understand how a VPN helps combat crypto-mining activities, knowing how a VPNs function is essential. A VPN is a network technology that encrypts and anonymizes a user’s online activity. When users connect to a VPN, their device establishes a secure, encrypted tunnel with a VPN server. This connection allows the user to connect to the internet via the VPN server rather than their ISP.

VPNs inherently operate as a security protocol to encrypt your internet traffic, meaning hackers cannot spy on your transactions because a VPN protects your data. It also conceals your IP address and eliminates persistent tracking, ensuring that your physical location is not associated with your blockchain wallet address.

It takes time and a lot of computer processing power to put the transactions in place needed for crypto-mining. VPNs can help prevent a user’s device from slowing down or crashing due to crypto mining. It can also assist in safeguarding the user’s personal information and online privacy by restricting access to potentially hazardous mining websites and services.

Will a VPN Protect My PC from Cryptojacking?

Will a VPN Protect My PC from Cryptojacking

Let’s break down the effectiveness of VPNs in protecting against crypto-jacking and how Urban VPN provides enhanced security features to prevent it.

Protection against phishing attacks

Phishing is the deceptive exchange of messages from a trustworthy source. It is one of the most widespread methods used by hackers to steal crypto assets. There has been a gradual growth in phishing assaults, with them only becoming more prevalent. A VPN will protect you from phishing assaults. Although only partially, it will block certain online pages that may be harmful. This adds an extra degree of security to any crypto trading.

Secure traffic transmission

A common assumption is that cryptocurrencies give perfect anonymity to users; however, this is only partially accurate because hackers and foreign governments can track you via public IP addresses. Even if you use a private Wi-Fi connection, this doesn’t offer the security to prevent hackers from tracking your location or gaining your login credentials.

You can safeguard your traffic since a VPN conceals your public IP address and hides your original location by routing the traffic to another site that could be hundreds of miles away. Hiding your IP address makes it nearly impossible for anyone to keep track of your internet activities.

Safeguarding your data

When using Urban VPN, your data is encrypted and transferred in an unreadable manner to prying eyes. Encryption is performed using a specific key installed on both the VPN server and your VPN client.

Data encryption prevents you from being a monetization source for larger corporations. It makes it difficult for hackers to steal your details that give them access to your information and assets. If you have a crypto account, crypto-mining on your device should not be your only concern. Secure your wallet by encrypting your data.

How Can I Tell If Someone is Using My Computer for Mining?

How Can I Tell If Someone is Using My Computer for Mining

Even though determining whether you’ve been infected by crypto-jacking malware can be challenging, there are steps you can take to detect whether you’ve been a victim of crypto-jacking. The following are the most prevalent indicators that someone is using your computer for mining:

Your device has slowed down

Keep an eye on your hardware’s performance. As crypto-mining slows down computers, this is the simplest way to determine if your processing power has been compromised by malware. A slower machine is not necessarily indicative of crypto-jacking, but it is one indicator.

Strange files appear on your device

Check for file names that end in .exe on your device. All crypto-related words that don’t look recognizable could suggest that the security of your device has been compromised for cryptocurrency mining.

Your browser remains active

If crypto-jackers are running on your device, you’ll notice that your internet browser icon remains active even after you dismiss it.

Your electricity bills go up

Crypto-mining malware code slows down your device by consuming its resources and raising your electricity bill cost. When your device is hacked for crypto-mining, many of your device’s resources are regularly used even when you are not active on your device. If you see an increase in your monthly payment, it could be due to a crypto-mining code exploiting your processing power.


Urban VPN provides a comprehensive solution to protect against crypto-mining while enhancing your online security. By running a VPN, your IP address will be swapped with one from Urban VPN’s multiple secure servers. This will block a mining machine from carrying out any cryptojacking activities on your device.

The key takeaway is to be aware of bad actors and use an anti-mining VPN to protect against unauthorized crypto-mining. Although the direct impact of crypto-mining is power related, and this may not seem a cause for concern, it can raise costs for consumers since coin mining requires a lot of electricity and processing power.

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