What is Private Internet Access?


What is Private Internet Access?

Private Internet Access is one of the most trusted VPN providers. It was established in 2009 and has played an essential role in enhancing functionality by implementing in-depth apps. Private Internet Access has been helpful for implementation across a wide range of servers.

Private Internet Access is compatible with various platforms and devices like Android, Linux, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The features across all the platforms are almost similar. Furthermore, Private Internet Access functions on IPSec protocol and not OpenVPN.

Users have the flexibility to install PIA as a secure browser extension for Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. The details for the manual installation of PIA are given on the website. One of the prominent reasons why users have switched to Private Internet Access is its user-friendliness.

Unlike other VPN service providers, PIA provides the flexibility to choose the server. After logging into the platform, individuals get the opportunity to select servers depending on the ping. A server with a higher ping is not worth it. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a server with a shorter ping.

PIA is one of the most affordable VPN service providers that help to maintain user privacy and ad-blocking features.

Common Types of Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access has become one of the best VPN service providers with its wide security features. It is contributing towards meeting the demands of corporate and individual servers.

Some of the common types of private internet access include the following:

  • Remote Access
    With the help of remote access, the user can connect to a private network and access the resources remotely. The private network and user’s connection are developed securely. The remote PIA is beneficial for corporations.
    In the times of Covid-19, when everyone was working from home, remote access has become common. Everyone is accessing the company profile and resources. Furthermore, this also helps to bypass the regional restrictions, thereby playing an essential role in increasing security and privacy.
  • Site-to-site access
    Private Internet Access provides site-to-site access and is also known as router-to-router access. Large corporations make proper use of site-to-site access.
    The site-to-site private internet access has two types- intranet-based VPN and extranet-based VPN. It helps in the creation of an imaginary network across different networks.

Private Internet Access has been helpful for connections across different platforms.

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