How to watch Vudu outside the US


Vudu is an American digital rental and purchase platform with over 200,000 titles available to rent or buy, ranging from current releases to back catalog titles. It’s also an on-demand streaming service, with movies and TV shows available for free with commercials and no subscription or monthly costs.

Unfortunately, Vudu is not available to everyone. The service is only available in the United States and Mexico. If you live elsewhere, you’ll need an IP address in one of those two countries to watch Vudu. Thankfully, it’s easy to acquire a US or Mexico IP with Urban VPN.

Does Vudu work with VPN?

Urban VPN provides a secure IP address in the US or Mexico, allowing you to stream Vudu even if you are physically outside these countries.

Here’s how to watch shows and movies on Vudu in a few simple steps: Here is how to watch shows and movies on Vudu in a few simple steps

  • Download Urban VPN for your device by going to the Urban VPN website and clicking the “Free download” button.
  • You will be redirected to the appropriate app store for your device. Follow the steps to download and install Urban VPN.
  • Once you have the Urban VPN app installed, open the app window and securely connect to a server in the US or Mexico by selecting either country from the list.
  • You can check your location has successfully changed by opening Google on your device and scrolling to the bottom. You will see that your browser recognises your device as from the US or Mexico.
  • Start streaming Vudu from wherever you are.

Vudu addresses two essential areas of modern on-demand viewing by serving as both a digital rental and purchase outlet and a free streaming service – and you can access it from anywhere with Urban VPN. It’s a go-to option for anyone wishing to rent a movie to watch immediately without figuring out if that title is available on any of the many subscription streaming services.

How does a VPN work?

VPN is an abbreviation for a virtual private network. A VPN is used to protect your privacy when browsing the web. Let’s imagine a tunnel to demonstrate how a virtual private network works. On one end of the tunnel is your device, and on the other is a VPN server.

When you use a VPN to search the internet, you travel through a secure tunnel to the VPN server on the other side, retrieve the info you were looking for, and return it to your device without anyone watching. This increases your privacy from your ISP and hackers, who could otherwise track your internet activities. You can use a VPN to circumvent content filters and geo-restrictions, which are placed in place by some schools, businesses, or governments to prevent access to specified websites.

Can you use VPN to watch shows from other countries?

Can you use VPN to watch shows from other countries?

Using a VPN expands your streaming possibilities as many popular streaming services are geo-blocked or only available in specific regions. You can watch shows from home while traveling or look around the world to discover what’s available in other countries.

VPNs achieve this by changing your IP address. Geo-spoofing is a term used to describe the process of deceiving websites and internet services into believing you are somewhere you are not. There are several reasons this can be useful other than for getting around streaming restrictions. It can help users get around online censorship and even help you save money when shopping online.

How does a VPN help with geo-spoofing?

To change your IP address and geo-spoof your location, you will need the assistance of a server in your preferred region. There are two main approaches to this. The first method is to use a proxy, which acts as a middleman, routing your traffic through a server in another area.

The second (and best) option is to use a VPN. A VPN, like a proxy, will make it appear as if your traffic is coming from a different place and has a different IP address. It can also improve your internet speed, making it a perfect choice for streaming. A VPN, unlike a proxy, will also keep your connection secure by encrypting your traffic and routing it through a secure tunnel, ensuring that no one can eavesdrop on your activity or steal your data as you browse.


That’s everything you need to know to start streaming Vudu from outside the US or Mexico. With Urban VPN, you can get started right away by connecting to one of its secure servers and gaining access to the localized content on Vudu.

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