How to delete your search history from Google and Bing?



We spend much time online looking up basic and sophisticated answers to issues. We occasionally do searches we want to keep secret, such as those for individualized medical advice, financial inquiries regarding investments and potential securities, etc. It is fair that some people could find it unsettling that a third party has access to their online search history.

Worse, anyone using your computer will be able to view the tailored adverts that are served as a result of the searches. To better protect your privacy, we’ll show you how to remove your search history from the more well-known websites like Google and Bing on the Internet in this post.

How to clear your Google search history?

How to clear your Google search history

  • Visit the Google Web History page to get a record of every search you’ve ever done there. You can delete all of your previous searches or just a few of them
  • Click the box next to the Remove Items box, then select Remove Items to get rid of all of your search queries. Before selecting Remove Things, check the boxes next to the items you want to remove
  • After that, you may disable Web History by clicking Settings in the top right corner and choosing Turn off to ensure that Google doesn’t save your browsing history

How to clear your Google search history on your iPhone?

On Google App:

  • You should launch the Google app on your iPad or iPhone
  • Tap your profile photo or first name in the top right corner, followed by Search history
  • The Search history you want to remove can be chosen. You have a choice:
  1. Your entire search history: Tap the Delete Down arrow above your history, followed by Delete all time
  2. A particular time frame: Tap the Delete Down arrow above your history, followed by the Delete custom range
  3. A particular day: Tap Delete all activities from (day) next to the day
  • Delete the activity item by selecting it next to the activity

On Google Chrome:

  • Click the Chrome app to launch it on your iPhone or iPad
  • Press History after selecting More
  • Click the Clear Browsing Data button at the bottom
  • The history of your browsing. Possible default setting: checked
  • Any other items you do not want to delete should be de-checked
  • After selecting Clear Browsing Data, select Clear Browsing Data again
  • Hit Done in the upper right corner

How to clear your Google search history in Android?

On Chrome:

  • Open the Chrome app
  • Select History by tapping the three dots
  • Select Clear Browsing Data
  • The options provided next to Time Range allow you to choose the time range for the data you want to erase. Tap All time to get everything
  • Review your browsing history. Any other material that you do not want to erase can be unchecked
  • To clear data, tap

On Google App:

  • Launch the Google app on your Android device
  • Select your profile photo or initial in the top right corner, then select Search history
  • Pick the search history that you want to remove. You may select:
  1. Your whole search history: Tap the Delete Down arrow, followed by Delete all time, above your history
  2. An exact time frame: Tap the Delete Down arrow, followed by Delete custom range, above your history
  3. A certain day: Select the day and then select Delete all activities from a specific day
  • A specific activity: Tap the Delete activity item button next to the activity

How to clear your Google search history on Mac?

On Google Chrome:

  • Show Full History from the History menu should appear
  • Choose “Clear browsing data” from the left sidebar now. The phrase “Clear the following items from…” will appear on a new web page that opens
  • After selecting a time frame for data clearing, tick the boxes next to the data that you want to remove
  • select “Clear Data”

On Google App:

  • Open Google App
  • From the navigation bar at the top, select “Privacy & customization”
  • Toggle My Activity
  • The three dots will appear next to the “Search My Activity” bar
  • Select “Delete activity by” > “All time” > Delete to remove everything from the history

How to clear your Google search history on Windows?

On Google App:

  • If you’re not already signed in, go to in a web or mobile browser and do so
  • To access the Activity and timeline section, choose the Data & personalization category from the list on the left
  • Selecting the three vertical dots at the top of the screen will allow you to delete all of your Google search histories
  • Then, in the Delete Activity box, choose Select All Time to complete the process.
  • Pick All to select every category, or choose specific services’ activities to remove. Choosing Next
  • To remove all of your Google activity completely, choose Delete in the confirmation window

On Google Chrome:

  • On a laptop or desktop, launch the Chrome web browser
  • In the top-right corner of the browser, click the three vertical dots
  • In the drop-down menu, choose History
  • Select Clear browsing data on the left side of the screen to erase every search you’ve ever made between a certain time and the present
  • Choose All Time from the Time range drop-down selection on the following tab to delete your history. If you want to keep something, you can uncheck the box next to it.
  • Choose Clear data
  • To remove something from history, click the three vertical dots to the right of the item you want to remove

How to delete your activity history from Google?

How to delete your activity history from Google

  • Log in
  • Register a Google account
  • Go to the account settings page
  • Account can be selected by clicking the App menu in the right corner
  • Access the data settings
  • Click Manage your data & personalization after finding Privacy & personalization
  • View the activities on your account
  • You may see the box labeled “Activity and timeline” by scrolling down. Then select My Activity
  • Eliminate unnecessary searches. A list of numerous links and websites will be displayed. By selecting Delete from the three dots next to each item, you can eliminate any site from this page. Alternatively, you can click the tiny trash can button to remove all of the history for a specific day
  • By selecting Delete activity from the menu on the left, you can erase your complete history. Choose All time or a custom range from the pop-up menu that opens
  • To formally revoke your history, click Delete. The deletion of your search history will be confirmed on the following screen, which also provides you with more options for controlling your activity and history
  • Select Manage your activity controls from the Activity controls box after returning to Data & personalization
  • Locate the Web & App Activity toggle switch inside the Activity controls. To stop Google from storing your search history, toggle the setting off (so that it goes grey)

How to delete your bing search history?

How to delete your bing search history

Follow these instructions to clear all of your Bing history. Websites that have already been visited won’t show up in your Bing history after being erased, and your website history log will be cleared.

On Microsoft Account:

  • Open your Microsoft account and log in
  • To access your search history, click the three bars next to your login
  • Go to a new site after selecting View and deleting your search history
  • Activate your account once more
  • You’ll land on a new page after signing in. Please select View and Clear Search History
  • On the menu on the left, select Search
  • Alternatively, you can choose all of the items at once by clicking the Clear activity icon in the top-right corner
  • On the pop-up warning, click Clear

On Bing:

  • Click the “Settings and quick links” button in the top right corner of the Bing homepage
  • Choose Search history from the pop-up menu
  • Find the Manage or clear your search history section and select the Clear all button to delete all of your Bing information. Click Validate in the pop-up box to verify your Microsoft account
  • Once more, click the Clear All button. To erase your Bing search history, click Clear all in the pop-up window

Where do you find your search history on Bing?

Millions of people use the Bing search engine to look for information online. Bing, a dependable search engine created by Microsoft, is available on most gadgets. People clear their Bing history to get rid of their browser has saved data. This cached data may eventually cause your Internet connection to lag or jeopardize your online privacy.

You may find information on how to see Bing’s history in the following section:

  • Select “Settings and quick links” from the top right of the Bing homepage menu
  • Go to the pop-up menu and choose Search history
  • You can currently access the Bing search history page. Additionally, the history would display a simple graph of the various media you’ve looked at, including news, photographs, videos, and site content. To suit your preferences, you can select a different type of view. Additionally, the filter allows you to browse the search history for all time, the past six months, one month, or one week. You can choose a specific history to remove.

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