How to Block Twitch Ads?


Are you looking for a way to block Twitch ads? Who are you to blame? What’s the harm in that? Advertisements are a sensitive matter on Twitch, which has grown in popularity in recent years.

If you want to learn about blocking Twitch ads, keep reading.

What are Twitch Ads and How to Avoid them?

Twitch is a gaming and gaming influencer-focused live streaming network. Since its inception in 2011, the platform has developed exponentially.

Because the revenue supports extension developers, content providers, and the website itself, Twitch has a large number of advertisements. Twitch would be unable to provide a free review experience to its clients in general if it did not receive advertising money. Ads frequently appear as videos at the beginning of a stream, promoting a forthcoming game or film.

Finally, using an AdBlock plugin on your browser is the simplest and fastest approach to blocking adverts on Twitch. Many people are unfamiliar with the phrase “AdBlock,” but it simply prevents unwanted advertisements from appearing on your movies and websites. There are other ways, too, which we will discuss in this article later.

Twitch Adblocker and VPN

You can use a Twitch adblocker on Twitch to prevent advertising. A Twitch ad block is a simple but effective tool that prevents annoying advertisements from appearing on your computer while browsing content. Ad blockers prohibit advertising requests from displaying ads on your computer screen, and they also prevent adverts from appearing while viewing Twitch and other platforms’ streams.

Twitch advertising may display in some areas at times. You can usually avoid them by connecting your VPN through them. You can select an Eastern European country such as Portugal, Hungary, Costa Rica with a large number of non-native English speakers. The drawback is that, depending on your VPN, you may experience some sluggishness. We recommend Urban VPN, the fastest VPN, with a Twitch adblocker. Urban VPN is the best VPN for blocking advertisements in Twist since it hides your IP address and is excellent at altering locales.

Does Twitch Adblock work without VPN?

Twitch ad blockers are great for people who wish to watch videos without interruption or don’t like advertisements. Adblocking plugins disable annoying adverts, making streaming more enjoyable while also allowing for faster loading times. Twitch ad filters offer security by preventing users from engaging with harmful advertisements. Twitch Adblocks work totally fine without a VPN, but using a VPN is a more effective way of bypassing the ads.

By constructing a private internet connection from a public network, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables online security, privacy, and anonymity. So, if you utilize a VPN server in a region where Twitch has no adverts, you’ll be able to enjoy any Twitch content without using any adblocker proxy or extension.

5 techniques to block twitch ads

AdBlock Proxy

When a client demands something that he needs to see on the web, the proxy takes the solicitation and sends it to the web, which implies the client’s Id address is masked, and another IP address is created for the sake of the proxy. We can’t suggest an ad block proxy if you’re looking to stay safe online because of the lack of transparency surrounding its data collection techniques and known DNS leak. We propose utilizing a VPN to block Twitch ads without jeopardizing your online security.

AdBlock Browser

There are multiple browsers that can prevent Twitch adverts. It works similarly to an ad plugin, but the primary distinction is that the software runs on the browser. Ad-block browsers work similarly to ad-block extensions, except the software is built into the browser itself. Websites may load poorly or even crash as a result of this.

Ad-block browsers are a free and straightforward option to prevent on-page adverts, but they don’t have the same speed as their primary counterparts. Twitch live streams are prone to buffering when using an ad blocker, and video quality dips are typical.

AdBlock Extension

The simplest and fastest approach to block on-page Twitch adverts is to use an ad-blocking browser extension. It’s completely free, secure, and takes only minutes to set up. On the other hand, ad blockers are frequently disabled by Twitch and will not stop pre-roll or mid-roll video commercials.

Using a VPN to block ads

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to change your web-based area by interfacing with a server in another country and receive a new IP address. Twitch’s advertising policy varies by nation, with certain countries, like Poland, opting out of all forms of advertising entirely. You may permanently remove all forms of Twitch advertisements by altering your IP address to one of these nations using a VPN. VPNs also provide enhanced internet privacy and security. This is the most efficient approach to blocking all Twitch advertisements.

Alternative platforms

Apart from Twitch, you may also use and watch Twitch on other sites, one of which is Multistream. It is a platform that blocks every type of advertisement. The disadvantage is that you cannot earn money from it, but you can certainly watch videos without interruption.


Twitch is known for serving a lot of commercials, and it’s been reported that if a viewer has a long ad break, they’ll get up to eight to nine ads in a row. Twitch watchers will understandably think this is a complete disaster. The same commercial will play at regular intervals in various countries, driving people insane.

Excessive advertising on Twitch can be solved in a number of ways. Our preferred ad-blocking method is to download a VPN, with Urban VPN being our top suggestion.

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