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Billing and Subscriptions

Subscription types (and what it covers)

All of the subscription options are displayed here and are valid as long as they are available on Urban VPN’s website and might be subjected to change according to service terms.

One account - One subscription

A subscription to Urban VPN allows one user to access Urban VPN services across multiple platforms according to the package you chose. As Urban VPN is intended for non-commercial / business use, you may only have one subscription package at any given time assigned to your account. If you wish to purchase multiple accounts or plans, check out URBAN VPN For business

Supported platforms

Any Urban VPN subscription grants you access to the following platforms:

  • Chrome Extension - Urban Free VPN proxy Unblocker
  • Firefox Extension - Urban Free VPN proxy Unblocker
  • Urban VPN - Windows desktop application
  • Urban VPN - macOS application

Accounts & subscriptions purchased directly from Google Play ™ Or Apple’s Play store ™ do not allow access to browser extensions, windows or mac apps, and any other “non-mobile platform”. Accounts purchased within the above platforms provide access to Urban VPN on Android / iOS.


This section refers only to the premium packages. Urban VPN also offers a free for use option.>

What is a subscription package?

A premium subscription package offers a set of enhanced applications, permissions, and supported platforms, the only difference between package types is with the billing cycle.

What does a premium subscription include?
Whether you purchased one month, one-year or three-year premium plan, you will enjoy the following premium features:

  • Access to all locations and servers Urban VPN has to offer. Click here to learn more about the supported locations.
  • Premium members are automatically opted out from our P2P network.
  • No data collection or logging - We will not collect any statistical information (except for what’s required to ensure functionality) on Premium members.Click here to learn more about data collection and privacy policy
Creating an account

Here’s how to create your Urban VPN Premium account:

Step 1 - Go to Urban VPN’s pricing page.

Step 2 - Click on the "Start Now" button on you the package you like most

Step 3 - We will send out a validation email to the address you provided in Step 3 - Click on the link you received from us, and validate your email.

Step 4 - Sign up using your email address

Step 5 - Add your billing details. No worries, we will not charge you at this stage. The 7 days free trial is indeed completely free and unlimited. If you like our product and find it useful, we only charge your account after the 7 days period. If you cancel your subscription during the 7 days trial you will not be charged at all.

Please note that you can only use the trial once for an account, if you already had your 7 days trial with us, you will be charged from day one.

Accessing your account
You can access your account, change or edit your details on urban VPN’s My Account section.

Delete your Urban VPN account

Simply send out an email to our support team. They will verify your account removal within 48 hours. Please note, that deleting your account subscription will be removed together with your account. Subscriptions related to deleted accounts are not eligible for refunds

Order processing

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller Paddle.com. Paddle.com is the Merchant of Record for all Urban VPN orders. Customer service calls and returns are handled solely by paddle.com. Your relationship with Paddle is governed by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

All premiums are automatically renewed and charged based on the billing cycle.

Refund Policy

You can get a 100% refund within 30 days following your first payment to Urban VPN Premium account.

If you wish to get a refund during this 30 days period, please send us an email to premium@urban-vpn.com or send a support message form under the "My Account" section in any Urban product.

Subscriptions, purchased via Google Play Market/AppStore are refunded according to Google Play Market/AppStore refund policies.

Only one refund per user is allowed. Subscription billed after renewal cannot be refunded.

Once the refund is issued, your Premium subscription is automatically terminated.

Urban VPN Free Trial

Urban VPN is always free and will remain so, but we do have premium features for our paid customers. Before you commit to anything you’d be glad to know that all users are eligible for a free trial period prior to purchasing a Premium subscription.

During this 7 days period you can access all of the premium features and evaluate whether it is the right fit for you. Obviously if you already had your 7 days free trial you can’t go over it again.

What happens when the trial ends?
Once the 7 days free trial is over, your payment means will be charged based on the package you chosen when setting up the account. If you wish to terminate your account prior to the 7 days period you can do so and then your account will not be charged automatically.

How to cancel your Urban VPN Premium Subscription?

Please follow these 4 steps to cancel your premium subscription:

  • Step1 - Login to your account here.
  • Step2 - Open the subscription menu by clicking on "Subscription Plan".
  • Step3 - Click on "Stop Auto Renewal"
  • Step4 - Tell us your reason to cancel your account and click on confirm.

Once canceled you can still use Urban VPN premium feature until the end of your billing period and then your account will be automatically downgraded to the free plan.

Automatic cancelation can take place after a 3 day grace period.

Grace period:

If your auto renewal fails, a notice will be sent via email asking to update your payment details. Failing to update the billing details and successfully renew the subscription will result in an automatic downgrade to the free plan.

Can you change the subscription package?

Currently this feature is not supported, we are working on it and will update when it becomes available.

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