Users should be able to access websites and pages on their local computers and other devices through the Internet; the World Wide Web — also known as the Web, WWW, or W3 facilitates this; hyperlinks you clink for information interconnect pages and documents. The information you seek can be in any format, such as text, images, audio, or video.

The term World Wide Web isn’t the Internet; it’s part of the Internet. Why do we need WWW2?

What is the WWW2 internet address? Is it safe?

WWW2 is quite an old method for naming subdomains that website developers may use in order to identify that this subdomain is hosted on another server.; since subdomains or hostnames may belong to different servers, developers use it for identification. You can have a hypothetical website called www.website.com and use www2.website.com, or www3.website.com, for it.

Yes, the World Wide Web 2 (WWW2) is completely safe for anyone who uses it. 

Why does a website start with WWW2/WWW3 and not WWW?

The fundamental reason for website operators applying this technique is load balancing. A server with a WWW domain can experience overload, crash, or require technical maintenance; the situation may warrant redirecting you to a different server named www2, www3, www4, etc. 

Though you can deploy some modern techniques to address the Internet workload, these addresses are still viable and take place automatically.

Why do we put WWW in front of a web address?

It’s been about three decades since the Internet revolution happened; it has transformed the world and enabled users to utilize the World Wide Web consisting of multiple components that enhance them to access various resources, documents, and web pages on the Internet. 

The WWW is like a vast electronic with different servers worldwide where you store and host pages. As the primary component or building block, you can link WWW through hyperlinks to provide access from a particular spot in a hypertext or hypermedia document to a different one or within the specific document or file. 

A hyperlink serves as another defining concept of the WWW and bestows on it an identity of a group of interconnected files.

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