What is Smart DNS, and how does it work?


Due to the practice known as geo-blocking, you may encounter difficulties in streaming your favorite content from Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, depending on your location. Emerging technology has allowed us to have software to help us bypass these restrictions. A popular tool in the market now is Smart DNS

Since streaming is becoming an integral part of our digital lives, the rise of Smart DNS will go a long way to changing the game. The Smart DNS will bypass the traditional DNS, help you access geo-restricted content, speed up your streaming, and enhance a user’s streaming experience. 

Smart DNS has come to change the game as it bypasses geo-blocking, a challenge to streaming enthusiasts, as they can’t watch their favorite movies, TV shows, and live events. 

So, what is Smart DNS? How does it work?

Smart DNS is a technological development that allows you to access geo-restricted content and enhance your streaming experience. It routes your traffic through a server in the country where the content is not geo-blocked, conferring the status of a resident to you and giving you access to any content restricted in your country, region, or location.  

Setting up and using Smart DNS is not rocket science; you don’t require any technical skill, and your service provider and compatible device are all you need. The big win is that Smart DNS is more affordable when compared to VPNs. 

A VPN will encrypt your traffic, while Smart DNS will not, ensuring you use less bandwidth and resources. You don’t need buffering or lagging to use Smart DNS for streaming on your Smart TV, gaming console, and smartphone if compared to the traditional DNS.  

Does VPN bypass DNS?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that encrypts and routes your internet traffic through a remote VPN server in another location; this way, you can mask/hide your IP address, streaming history, or browsing activities and bypass any DNS filtering that can come from your local network. The tunneling feature of a VPN ensures you can securely send your data and online activities when surfing the web. 

The vital feature of a VPN that enhances the secure transferring data between networks or devices via an insecure channel such as the Internet without the fear of compromising privacy is known as VPN tunneling. Tunneling repackages, shields, and converts your streaming activities into another format.

Can I use Smart DNS and VPN at the same time?

VPN services usually use their own DNS servers, which will override the Smart DNS settings you have on your device. You can use a DNS checker tool to confirm the DNS servers your device is using.

On the other hand, many VPN service providers offer this feature, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of this feature on your game consoles and Apple TV while using VPN on compatible devices for privacy and security.

What are the use cases of Smart DNS?

A VPN provider should be your best choice for viewing content from geo-blocked sites, but use cases of Smart DNS include: 

  • Using the Smart DNS service for your devices on a VPN you subscribe to.
  • For routers that don’t support VPNs.
  • You only want to access geo-blocked content and don’t care about privacy or security.
  • You operate on an internet connection that is very slow
  • Your budget doesn’t have room for a premium VPN, though you can still subscribe to a quality free VPN such as Urban VPN.


In conclusion, Smart DNS changes the concept of streaming; its benefits are worth considering, especially with a VPN, to enhance your privacy and security when accessing geo-blocked content. Every streaming enthusiast needs to take advantage of this technology. 

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