Google DNS

Google Public DNS (in short, Google DNS) is Google’s global Domain Name System (DNS) service that can be used rather than your ISP’s.

What does using Google DNS do?

The domain name system, or DNS, is a critical Internet component. It deciphers domain names to IP addresses, allowing users to access websites without recalling a long and difficult string of digits. Every Internet service provider (ISP) supplies users with a domain name system server, and Google has opted to create its own.

Google Public DNS is a Domain Name System (DNS) created by Google that is available to users worldwide at no cost. It receives data from authoritative name servers and replies to various DNS queries. Google DNS was first launched in December 2009 and is now one of the largest public DNSs. The primary goal is to make the Internet quicker and more effective.

What does setting DNS to 8.8 8.8 do?

The Google domain name system uses two primary IP addresses: and These are Google’s domain name system servers, which are effectively its public IP addresses.

By switching your domain name system settings to these IP addresses, you will be connected to Google’s domain name system service, which provides faster speeds and more security. Anyone can access the Google DNS or IP addresses.

Can changing your DNS be bad?

The Domain Name System is crucial for all online activity. Any issues with the system can have repercussions on your experience.

For starters, if your ISP’s DNS servers are slow or not correctly configured for caching, they can significantly slow down your connection. This is especially true when loading a page with material from multiple domains, such as advertising and affiliates. Switching to a DNS server that is optimized for efficiency can enhance your overall experience, whether at home or work.

Is 1.1 1.1 the fastest DNS? is a public DNS resolver run by Cloudflare that provides a quick and private way to explore the Internet. Unlike other DNS resolvers, does not sell user information to advertising. Furthermore, has been tested to be the quickest DNS resolver available.

It is the strength of the Cloudflare network that gives a natural advantage when it comes to delivering fast DNS queries. Because it is incorporated with Cloudflare’s network, which includes 310 worldwide cities, users all over the globe receive prompt responses from

Can you trust Google DNS?

Google DNS supports encrypted transport protocols like DNS over HTTPS (port 443) and DNS over TLS. These protocols prohibit manipulation, eavesdropping, and spoofing, significantly improving privacy and security between a client and Google DNS. They supplement DNSSEC by providing end-to-end authenticated DNS lookups.

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