What is DNS Leak?


What is DNS Leak

When the internet service provider fails to receive the domain name, it can lead to security issues. These security issues are termed DN leaks. VPN is meant to encrypt the data path, thereby preventing anyone from accessing it.

However, in many cases, the request to the Domain Name System (DNS) server also known as a DNS request will not require the revelation of a VPN. In some cases of DNS Leak, it will directly access the DNS resolver. Most of the split tunnels are prone to DNS leaks due to vulnerability.

DNS Leak can be one of the most potent threats to internet users, especially corporate ones. Due to the DNS Leak, everyone can easily access your IP, especially the internet service provider and hackers. DNS leaks also reveal the IP address of the particular user.

As a result, whenever choosing a VPN provider, it is advised to be extra careful. Several VPN providers offer protection against DNS leaks. However, some items may be prone to DNS leaks.

Therefore, if you’re using a free VPN, check if your IP is tracked from other devices. If the VPN is active, your IP address shouldn’t be visible. However, if the IP address is visible, it is a sign that VPN has failed to maintain security. Check your IP address.

How to prevent your IP from leaking?

How to prevent your IP from leaking?

Some of the key ways to prevent the IP from leaking include the following:

  • Use a VPN service
    One of the best methods to adopt is using a secure VPN to prevent displaying your IP. A good VPN should hide your ID, thereby preventing you from being prone to leaks.
  • Use Cloudflare DNS Servers
    Cloudflare DNS servers are constantly being updated. The chances of DNS leaks through Cloudflare are very rare. They play an essential role in debugging.
  • Use anonymous web browsers
    Several anonymous web browsers can protect you against the risk of DNS leaks. These do not require any configuration and offer a safe browsing experience.

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