What Is Plex? Everything You Should Know On Downloading Plex


The Internet led to conceptualizing the idea of streaming services to ensure easy access to content anywhere. Having everything in the cloud would mean you would not depend on a physical medium. Fast forward to 2022; however, the media landscape is more divided than ever. One platform emerges to make the lives of entertainment lovers easy, and its name is Plex.

What Is Plex, And How Does It Work

Plex is a digital media aggregator that simplifies the messy and dysfunctional content libraries into a single clean UI. It can turn your precious PC content library into a streaming service for your living room to enjoy. Record your favorite live moment on Plex TV to be re-watched back again when you get home. Connect all the streaming services in a single UI to not switch between apps to find that one movie you want to see.

Plex does it all in a simple and elegant packaged solution with a robust feature set. They have a team of dedicated tech wizards working to ensure that Plex is available on just about every platform. Furthermore, they have partnered with streaming service providers and broadcasters worldwide to ensure complete compatibility.

Easy Plex Downloads

The Plex Media Server is available on every platform, whether Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. Give your old tv a new life making it brand new with plex TV services. Here’s a simple step by step instruction for easy plex downloads:

  • Click on the URL for the official plex downloads page – https://www.plex.tv/media-server-downloads/
  • You will see the Plex Media Server menu showing by default
  • If your platform of choice is already leading to download, click on the button
  • If not, go into the menu to select the forum and click on the download button
  • You can now start making plex downloads today

Select the Apps & Devices menu to get a guide or direct link for every platform if you have multiple mobile devices.

Different Plex versions

Different Plex versions

The Plex platform has always been designed to be multifaceted and evolves to the content needs of consumers. Furthermore, they want to serve the more professional and tech-savvy crowd of media consumers. So fundamentally, there are two versions of the Plex server a user can use:

Plex for All – as the name suggests, the goal is to reach out to everyone from millennials to your grandfather. There is a clear emphasis on simplicity and creating solutions that are more one-click play. Here are some of the key features:

  • Plex TV – You get to enjoy a whole range of broadcast network content from any device in your house. It is designed exclusively for cord-cutters who want freedom from the expensive satellite tv. You will get free access to more than 250+ channels with content for every generation in a household.
  • On-demand and accessible content – All the streaming is now available on a single screen for you to watch through Plex TV. In addition, you will get free content from Plex to enjoy and reduce your household cost by applying for a supported add service.
  • No restriction – Unlike many content providers with many geographical restrictions, Plex works globally to provide you with uninterrupted streaming.

Plex for Pros – For content-obsessed geeks and tech-oriented crowds, their content needs can be high level while being varied. They want to stream their 4K Blu-ray collection of movies to their tv or listen to their high-bit rate audio on their Chromecast music. Henceforth you can use the Plex Server to organize your downloaded content. Here are the key features sets available for enthusiasts:

  • NAS server – Plex is designed to be downloaded and installed in just about any significant NAS server available in the market. Netgear, Seagate, Western Digital, FreeNAS, and the major supported platforms.
  • Supports multiple formats – It can play a variety of audio formats such as AAC, MP4, WAV, etc. You get H265, VP9, MPEG 4, and many more video formats. You get the option to change the bit rate of streaming to ensure a smoother experience across the board
  • Beautiful libraries – Plex takes your thousands of music, movies, TV shows, and personal content into a visually stunning UI. For a professional streaming platform look, all the metadata and high-quality thumbnails are scoured from the Internet. It also adds subtitles to all your content, helping you get started instantly
  • Raspberry PI support – Turn your $35 pocket computer into a content hub using Plex and carry a streaming server in your pocket

How To Set Up A Plex Server

How To Set Up A Plex Server

  • Download the Plex Server and Install it on your device
  • It will automatically launch the app on your browser and log on/ sign up to get started
  • Name your server to help you locate it on the network or elsewhere. Check the option for media access outside the home network
  • You will need to add the libraries and file path names to where the content exists
  • Click on add library
  • Select the type of content that will be available in the folder
  • You can rename the library names and change the language according to your needs
  • Press next and click on browse for the media folder
  • Now select the media folder on your device and click add
  • Click on add library
  • Select the option next
  • If you want to select the plex apps for other platforms, you can do that or click on done

If you have more than one media server available in your name, you can even select which one is the preferred option. Finally, select which media folders you would like on the sidebar menu. The setup is complete, and you can now stream your favorite content of choice.

What Is Plex Pass?

What Is Plex Pass

Plex pass is a premium subscription service that costs $4.99 for extended functionality to your Plex account. Once you have the Pass service, it is the final puzzle piece to become a pro at streaming content. Here are the features you can access exclusively with the plex pass subscription:

  • Full DVR support – Record content on your favorite live sports show or musical performance for hours on end. You can stream it on multiple devices with the Plex app and plan your week
  • Plexamp – Gain access to a dedicated service for music, podcast listeners, etc., and listen to high-quality audio with TIDAL integration
  • Ultimate control – You can now share your libraries with other users while placing some restrictions on them. Users get granular control over the settings over the streaming server and data throughput
  • Hardware acceleration: Get a better performance when streaming high bandwidth by unleashing the full potential of your hardware. It will automatically adapt and take more significant advantage of the GPU


You have now learned about the plex TV platform, plex pass, and all the platform’s other features. The streaming world is rapidly changing, with users losing control they’ve had over physical media. It’s time to reclaim your rights by having the app Plex downloaded on your device to stream content on the go. Then, get a Plex subscription for granular control over your media server and full DVR support to cut the cords completely.

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